Essential Tips for Planting Your Succulent

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Succulents are increasingly common and popular in homes around the world. This beautiful variety of plants, in addition to being charming and ideal for decorating any environment, is an easy option to take care of and requires little from those who have a busy and busy day to day. If you want to learn how to plant succulents, follow the reading to check out unmissable tips!

The diversity of colors and sizes of the different species of succulents is another aspect that makes them excellent plants for any environment. They can be planted in small pots and, also, combined in larger pots in a composition of different species.

Due to ease of maintenance and little need for watering, succulents are very common as a gift. However, although taking care of a succulent doesn’t have any great secrets, it is important to stay on top of the essentials! Thus, your plant will grow even more beautiful.

People in love with succulents say that collecting this variety of plants is an addiction! If you want to start your collection or take better care of it, follow the reading and check out tips on how to plant succulents!

A practical guide on succulents


What are succulents?

There are more than 12 thousand different species of succulents around the world, some of them have colorful flowers, others contain thorns. Some examples of succulents common in Brazil are:

  • Sword of St. George;
  • Aloe-tree;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • Mexican snowball;
  • Donkey-tail;
  • Dragon agave;
  • May’s flower;
  • Christ’s crown;
  • Eleven o’clock;
  • Fortune-leaf;
  • Jade plant.

Succulents receive this name, as they are plants that have a reserve of water in the root, leaves or stem, a fact that makes them more « plump ». This storage, which is greater than in other types of plants, allows different species of succulents to survive in warm environments with arid soil.

Knowing this information will be essential for you to learn how to plant succulents in the right way.

How to care for succulent plants?

From the characteristics we saw earlier, it is already possible to imagine that succulents have a preference for warm, sunlit environments, right? In addition, due to the water reserve inside, these plants do not need to be watered frequently and do not need a soaked soil to grow. To take care of your succulent you must always keep this in mind!

Below you will find valuable tips on how to care for succulents and make them grow healthy and beautiful.

  1. Sun: Choose to grow your succulent in a bright place.
    • Some species need the sun to hit the pot or bed directly. Others need only indirect light, so it is worth researching the correct form for each species.
    • Remember that these plants are adapted to desert environments and therefore love the light!
  2. Water: Succulents do not need to be watered frequently, so do not soak your plant, let alone wet its leaves!
    • Avoid placing a large amount of water when watering the soil and, under no circumstances, allow water to accumulate at the bottom of the pot or container where it is.
    • In summer, water the succulent once a week, a maximum of two. In winter, you can water it only once every fifteen days.
  3. Rich soil: The land used for planting and growing your succulents must be rich in nutrients.
    • The ideal is that you make a preparation of garden substrate or black earth and mix it with sand in a 1 to 1 ratio, that is, half of the earth and half of the sand.
    • You can add fertilizer to the soil at the time of planting and then every three months.
  4. Burnt leaves: If you notice that the leaves of your succulents have burns, a sign that you are exaggerating in the sun exposure! Change the pot, or move the plant to another bed, where there is no direct sunlight.
  5. Rotten leaves: If your succulent has rotted leaves, probably the cause of this is an excess of water. Take more care when watering, put water only in the soil and don’t overdo it!

How to plant succulents: simple step by step to not make mistakes

Growing succulents at home or in the office has become common to many people. Succulents, nowadays, are part of the decoration of the environments and the choice of vases that match the place can give an even more special touch!

Next, we have a very simple step by step on how to plant succulents! So, you can use all your creativity to create beautiful vases and succulent compositions to decorate your home, give a modern and pleasant atmosphere to your work environment or, as a gift to a loved one.

1. Choice of vessel

Succulent pots can be made of clay; plastic; glass; ceramic, any material will work for this type of plant! Many people plant succulents in corks and use this small vase as a decorative object.

However, it is important that you choose a vase that has holes in the bottom, as succulents do not do well with very moist soil. The hole in the bottom of the pot helps the water drain and is very important for the healthy growth of your plant.

As for the size of the pot, it will depend on the species you choose. Just avoid that the pots are too shallow, as they hinder the growth of the roots.

2. Land preparation

At the bottom of the pot, make a layer of stones or boulders to help drain the water. So, it is interesting that you mix a black soil or garden substrate with sand to plant your succulents. This 1 to 1 ratio helps in the growth of roots and also prevents the accumulation of excess water in the soil.

Spread the soil and sand preparation in the pot, but don’t over-knead it! Leave the substrate fluffy to allow the soil to breathe. Then make holes where you want to place the succulents.

3. Planting and decoration

Succulents: decorationYou can make succulent seedlings from the plant’s own leaves! To do this, remove the leaf at the place where it is inserted in the stem and take care not to break or damage its structure. Choose large, uninjured leaves to ensure it will germinate.

Then let the leaves dry for 12 hours before placing them in the pot. Then, just insert the leaves or seedlings in the holes made for planting and shape the surrounding earth to hold them in place. However, don’t overtighten! Remember that the plant needs space to grow.

After planting all the seedlings you want, use your creativity to decorate the pot with small stones or colored sawdust.

If you liked the tips on how to plant succulents, be sure to comment below! What is your favorite succulent species?

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