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Of so many unforeseen events that can arise in everyday life, that rush that the city’s daily life can bring with so many negotiations and notes that are made; carrying a pen in your shirt pocket or pants pocket may arise as a necessity. But suddenly the pen pops and the clothes stain. What’s up? How to get pen ink out of clothes? Here you will learn some techniques that will help.

Before you start looking for other shirts, do the math, whether or not you can buy another one like the one you wear at work, or even that piece of clothing you like so much and don’t even know if you’ll find another one, it’s important to know how to get pen ink out of clothing.

So, in order not to live with this sad reality of losing an outfit you like so much because of a pen that broke, pay attention to this article and you will see amazing tips to solve this problem.

Why does the pen burst?

The blessed pen, which is often so necessary, but which can also cause a little bit in the life of those who use it, often staining the hand, clothes, sleeves, pockets or wherever it goes; it bursts for two main reasons: clogging, caused by dirt or damaged tip, and high temperatures.

  • The pen bursts because of the dirt: the build-up of pressure, from a dirt on the tip (which prevents oxygen leveling inside the pen), causes an overflow, ie, the release of air along with the ink. This unclogs the clogged pen tip, sending out a jet of ink that smudges anything nearby.
  • The pen bursts because of the high temperature: In the same way that a pressure cooker works, the pressure inside the pen can be caused by a high temperature. Both the environment and the storage location. This temperature increase can be due to the pants pocket, or the shirt. The temperature rises so much that the structure cannot withstand the pressure and the pen bursts.

Saw? It’s good to know what can cause these misfortunes to know how to avoid them. And so you don’t have to deal with them all the time. Better safe than sorry. So, before becoming a expert When it comes to removing pen ink from clothes, the ideal is to know how to not have to clean your clothes all the time and leave items, like this one, reserved for emergencies only. But it’s good to have a sense of how to treat your clothes in case of accidents.

And to store the pen without risking it to burst or dry out, avoid leaving it in hot places with lots of direct natural light. The sun can dry the ink in the pen, but it can also heat it up to the point of causing it to burst. Once stored in a cool place and without too much change in temperature, you and your clothing will be safe from an unwanted explosion. A, yeah. Avoid carrying them with you in your pants and shirt pockets.

Tips on how to remove pen ink from clothing

Anyway, the moment of truth about how to get pen ink out of clothes. Since you already know how to avoid as much as possible accidents that reach this point, for an unavoidable moment, here are some tips on how to remove pen ink from your clothes. And, for starters, understand the type of cloth, fabric you are dealing with, as each one requires a different treatment. Some are more resistant to twists, machines, and some products, while others are very sensitive. See label.

Remember, the label is not a luxury item that is just there to show the brand of clothing, or even the quality and type of fabric that the item is made of. It serves to alert the care that that fabric must have when it is handled at the time it is washed, dried, ironed, or even if it needs a specific treatment such as removing pen ink that broke or scratched this garment.

How to get pen ink out of silk clothing

It may sound crazy or just magic, but it’s true what will be said here: use vinegar. Vinegar is one of the most useful items in your home. Believe it. As it is a natural antibacterial, vinegar can both spice up your salad, remove mold from clothes, as well as remove pen ink. But how to get pen ink out of clothes with vinegar? It’s simple.

Take a portion of vinegar and place over the stain on the silk garment. Let the product act for a few minutes. Ten minutes on average is enough. Then wash the area with cold water. If everything hasn’t come out yet, repeat the process. Do not twist and avoid rubbing. After the stain is removed, wash the silk garment as usual. Amazing this tip on how to get pen ink out of your clothes, isn’t it?

How to get pen ink out of cotton clothes

With cotton fabric the possibilities are wider. As it is a very resistant material, cotton can withstand more aggressive products, but the tip of vinegar is also good for this type of fabric. However, here’s a good tip that’s different from the one given earlier. Look that!

In this tip on how to remove pen ink from clothes, you’ll learn one more use for another item you already have in your house. Write it down there. This time, use dish detergent. Yes: dishwashing detergent, which is often a great ally in general cleaning, to help remove different types of dirt, can also be very useful in washing clothes.

With the clothes dry, apply a little detergent to the stain and rub. Not much strength and it doesn’t have to be for a long time either. After this first moment, apply the detergent again and let it act for about an hour. Finally, pass a cotton to remove the excess.

Ready! See how simple it is to get pen ink out of cotton clothes? Just with dishwashing detergent and a piece of cotton you can do, in a simple way, something that seems difficult, even if for those who have no idea what is happening it seems difficult, sometimes even impossible.

How to get ink out of clothes pen of synthetic fabric

Here, in case it is not synthetic silk, whose tip has already been given before, the process is also quite simple with the need to use a very recurrent product in the daily life at home, as well as detergent and vinegar. In this case you will use acetone, or alcohol. And, regardless of the choice you make, as it depends a lot on the preferences and availability of the product you can have in each one’s home, the process will be the same.

For starters, don’t wet your clothes. It must remain dry. With a brush, in this case it can be a toothbrush, moistened with alcohol or acetone, rub the stained area until the stain comes out. It comes out already in brushing, so keep brushing until the ink mark comes out. Once she’s gone, wash clothes as usual and everything is fine.

Ready! You already know how to get pen ink out of your clothes!

Recalling what was put here in this article, just to not let anything go unnoticed, you learn why the pen burst. Regardless of where she is. And this is a great tip to prevent clothes from staining with pen ink. Since you can avoid it, avoid it. That way, you’ll have no trouble cleaning your clothes every time a pen pops in or near you.

And that’s it! You already know how to get pen ink out of clothing, both on cotton, silk and synthetic fabric clothing. You also already know how to prevent this sort of thing from happening. So now, if you have a different method, a workaround to solve this problem, comment here. Leave your opinion, the way you do it there at your house, as there are several methods to get pen ink out of clothes, and here we have just shown some of them.

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