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How good it is to welcome friends and family home! Even more so if you can combine the reception with practicality, speed and a beautiful decoration of living.

And do you know a great option in these cases? The board of cold cuts.

The cold cuts board is a great way to receive friends without having to spend all the time in the kitchen.

Not to mention that this is a fully customizable option that can be adjusted in different ways for each situation, ranging from simple preparation to something more luxurious and sophisticated for your cold buffet.

You liked the idea, right? So come and follow this post with us because we brought many cool tips and inspirations, just take a look.

How to assemble a cutting board

Type of reception

Before going to the supermarket it is important to plan the type of reception you want to do. Would it be simple for a few people? Will the cutting board be served as a starter or would it be a relaxed type of dinner?

Keeping this information in mind helps to evaluate what to put on the cold cuts board and the ideal amount of each ingredient so that nothing is missing.

So, first of all make a list with the number of people who will be invited and on what occasion you intend to serve the board of cold cuts. That done, proceed to the next tips.

Number of items x number of people

So that everything goes well with your cold cuts board and everyone leaves satisfied, it is recommended to calculate about 150 grams of ingredients per person, this in case the board is served as a starter.

On the other hand, if the cold plate is the “main dish” then the average recommended amount per person varies between 250 to 400 grams.

Therefore, for a 20-person cold plate you should have around eight kilos of ingredients, distributed among breads, cheeses, sausages, pates, fruits, among others.

Step by step to assemble the cold board

Choose the board

Traditionally, the cold plate is usually made of wood. But you can go further and choose stone planks, such as granite, which are also very beautiful and do not interfere with the taste of the food.

The board must also have the appropriate size to hold all the ingredients.

You can choose a single board or distribute the ingredients on three or four boards. Even this is the most suitable way for an informal meeting between friends, since you can spread the boards around the environment, leaving all the guests at ease.

Utensils and accessories

It is also important to place snacks, toothpicks or mini forks on the cutting board for guests to help themselves.

Also provide mini bowls to organize fruits, jellies and pasty ingredients.

It is also legal to offer napkins, as food will be consumed by hand and guests can easily end up getting dirty.

It is also worth making available a slicer of cold cuts and knives for pates and jams.

List of cold cuts ingredients

The cold cuts board is very versatile and democratic, that means that there are no rules about what should and should not be put on it, but some ingredients are indispensable, like the ones you will see below.

1. Cheeses

Cheeses are mandatory items on the cutting board. In general, it is recommended to serve three to four different types of cheese that may vary according to the type of reception.

When in doubt, stick with parmesan, gorgonzola, provolone and mozzarella.

2. Embedded

After the cheeses come the sausages. Good quality salami, ham, smoked bologna, turkey breast, roast beef and tenderloin are just a few of the many options.

Serve in thin slices or, depending on the sausage, cut into cubes.

3. Breads

One of the best side dishes on the cutting board is bread, including toast.

The choice of breads should be in accordance with the types of cold cuts, pates and jellies selected to compose the board, ranging from the simplest, such as French bread to Italian bread, rye bread, among other types.

When serving, cut the bread into thin slices and place them on the cutting board.

4. Pates and jellies

The pates and jellies are a great complement to the cold cuts. Here, you can choose spicy, sweet and savory versions.

Explore flavors like leek, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes and fine herbs, for example. It is also worth offering pepper and apricot jellies.

Honey is also included in this list, including, this is an ingredient that combines very well with some types of cheese, such as brie.

5. Oilseeds

Chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, among other oilseeds are very welcome in the assembly of the cutting board, especially if the idea is to move to a lighter and healthier side.

6. Fresh fruit

Fresh fruits are also amazing on the cold cuts board. This is because in addition to being tasty, they are still very decorative.

Bet on grapes, strawberries, pears, guavas, figs and apples. But avoid sour fruits, as they are very competitive on the palate.

If you choose to serve the chopped fruits, remember to drip a few drops of lemon so that they do not oxidize, especially in the case of pears and apples.

7. Dried fruits

Dried fruits, such as raisins, plums, apricots and dates, match perfectly with the cold cuts and complement the combination options.

8. Vegetables and preserves

Pickled vegetables are also a good choice for cold cuts. Bet on cucumbers, carrots, olives, turnips, tomatoes and onions.

How to choose the right cold cuts board for every occasion

Simple cold board

Do you know that day when you just want to get the guys together for a relaxed night?

The simple cold plate is perfect for this occasion. Simple assembly can include three types of cheese (mozzarella, parmesan and provolone), ham, toast, olives and two types of pates or jam.

Cold cuts for couples

How about a romantic evening with a board of cold cuts? Here it is worth betting on more refined ingredients, such as cheeses such as ementhal, brie, and camembert.

Serve with pates, breads, dried fruits, oilseeds and do not dispense with strawberries to ensure a romantic atmosphere.

Gourmet cold cuts board

The gourmet cold cuts board has selected and high quality ingredients. Therefore, the ideal is to use cheeses with a longer maturation time, such as gouda, steppe, gruyère, kingdom and gorgonzola.

The sausages must follow the same line, so choose raw or parma ham and Italian salami.

Serve with wine.

Healthy cold board

For those who are looking for a cold meat option that is, at the same time, healthy and tasty the tip is to bet on light and fresh ingredients.

White cheeses, less fatty, such as cottage, mines and ricotta are excellent options.

For sausages, prefer turkey or chicken breast. Add zucchini pates or chickpea paste (humus) or eggplant (babaganuche).

Don’t forget to add fresh fruit.

We selected below 30 more ideas for you to make an amazing cold plate, follow:

Picture 1 – Board of cold cuts for a simple reception, but super elegant.

Cold cutting board for a simple yet super elegant reception

Picture 2 – Board of cold cuts for dinner entry with raw ham, grapes and figs.

Cold cuts board for dinner entry with raw ham, grapes and figs

Picture 3 – A board of cold cuts in the ideal size to serve friends.

Picture 4 – Simple cold cuts board, but with selected ingredients.

Simple cold cuts board, but with selected ingredients

Image 5A – Outdoor reception with cold cuts: rustic and cozy atmosphere.

Outdoor reception with cold cuts: rustic and cozy atmosphere

Image 5B – Individual cold cuts board: select the ingredients according to the preferences of each guest.

Individual cold cuts board: select the ingredients according to the preferences of each guest

Picture 6 – Board of cold self service.

Self service cold board

Picture 7 – Board of cold cuts with fruits accompanied by natural juice.

Cold cuts board with fruit accompanied by natural juice

Picture 8 – How about celebrating Father’s Day with a board of cold cuts?

How about celebrating Father's Day with a board of cold cuts?

Picture 9 – Figs, blackberries and gorgonzola!

Figs, blackberries and gorgonzola!

Image 10 – Tag each cheese with a tag.

Tag each cheese with a tag

Picture 11 – Yes, an elegant reception combines with a board of cold cuts.

Yes, an elegant reception goes hand in hand with a cold plate

Image 12 – Board of cold cuts with beer for an informal meeting.

Cold cuts board with beer for an informal meeting

Picture 13 – Cold plate for couple is equal to romantic night!

Cold cuts for couples is the same as a romantic night!

Image 14 – Complete the decoration of the cold plate with flowers.

Complete the decoration of the cold plate with flowers

Picture 15 – Sauces and jellies!

Syrups and jellies!

Image 16 – The board of cold cuts is a great option of entry.

The cold cuts board is a great entry option

Picture 17 – Board of cold cuts for Christmas: enjoy the ingredients of the season.

Board of cold cuts for Christmas: enjoy the ingredients of the season

Picture 18 – Curled ham, fruits and breads.

Curled ham, fruit and bread

Picture 19 – Board of cold cuts for Christmas asks for a typical decoration.

Board of cold cuts for Christmas asks for a typical decoration

Image 20 – Everything at hand!

Everything at hand!

Picture 21 – Chic cold meat board accompanied by sparkling wine.

Chic cold cuts board accompanied by sparkling wine

Picture 22 – Individual cold cuts board: a little bit of each thing.

Individual cold cuts board: a little bit of everything

Picture 23 – Romantic night with cold cuts.

Romantic evening with cold cuts

Image 24 – Outdoor cold board.

Outdoor cold board

Image 25 – Simplicity and flavor.

Simplicity and flavor

Image 26 – Board of cold cuts for birthday party.

Cold cuts board for birthday party

Image 27 – Beautiful to see!

Beautiful to see!

Image 28 – Capriche in the decoration of the cold plate.

Caprich in the decoration of the cold board

Picture 29 – Board of cold cuts with wine!

Board of cold cuts with wine!

Picture 30 – Blackboard paper to inform what is served on each board of cold cuts.

Blackboard to inform what is served on each cutting board

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