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Using frames to decorate environments is an increasingly common practice. Whether with a single frame or with a composition of smaller frames, this trend is perfect for those who want to give a personal touch to the environment in a creative, easy and economical way.

However, for the pictures to fulfill their role of enhancing the decoration and harmonizing the environments, it is necessary that you know how to install frames correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of visually polluting the environment and even damaging the walls of the property.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to install frames! We have prepared a series of essential tips, ranging from space planning, to the most appropriate technique for fixing the pictures!

To never make mistakes again, follow the reading and stay on top of how to install frames!

How to install frames: site choice and planning

The first step for you to hang pictures in any room, without causing a visual pollution in the environment, is to define which will be the wall that will receive the decoration. The exact location where you will hang your pictures will depend a lot on your taste and aesthetic preferences, however there are a number of general rules and tips that can help you when choosing.

The main thing is that you have a measuring tape or tape in hand to make the measurements accurately and correctly. The most common misconception for those who do not know how to install frames and decide to do it at home is to rely only on the eye when planning the place. Don’t make this mistake! Always use a measuring instrument so that your decor with pictures enhances the space.

Another important tool to assist in positioning the pictures is a pencil to mark the wall. This tip helps a lot in the installation of your decorative comics!

Next, you will learn how to align pictures on the wall!

How to position a single frame?

For single paintings, a rule that applies to any room and environment is to always try to install the painting so that the middle of it is 1 meter and 60 centimeters from the floor. Thus, you ensure that it is positioned at an appropriate height and balanced so that it is seen by those who enter the environment.

It is also essential that you measure the width of the wall and center the middle of the frame with the middle of the wall. This will make the balance of the decoration make the space proportional and pleasant.

If you want to place the painting on a wall that contains a piece of furniture, such as a bookcase, sofa or table, you must hang the painting at a distance of 25 centimeters from the top of the piece of furniture.

To center it, use the measurement of the furniture in question and position the center of the frame in the center of the furniture.

Don’t forget to mark the wall with a pencil when defining the installation location of your painting! Make a line at the top where you want to hang the painting and, to ensure alignment, use a ruler, tape measure or measuring tape.

How to make a composition of pictures?

If you want to create a composition of paintings on your wall and, thus, decorate it in a creative and even more personalized way, we have separated essential tips on how to organize paintings on the wall so that you do not make mistakes when making at home.

For the installation of several frames, it is necessary to seek harmony between the different sizes and frames. Decorators advise that the frames of a composition have a common theme, similar colors and an aesthetics that match. However, this tip depends a lot on the taste of each person. Use your creativity and remember that the composition aims to personalize the environment.

Once you define which and how many will be the frames of the composition, start by making the markings of the two axes of the wall. Do the same way as we taught for the single frames: measure the center of the wall or the furniture and then mark 1.60 meters high from the floor, or 25 centimeters high from the top of the furniture.

The next step is to make paper templates with the size of the frames you intend to install on the wall. With scissors, cut the paper exactly the size of each painting so that you can see them on the wall and check that they are harmonious and proportional.

After making the molds, use masking tape to position each one in the place you thought of. Use a tape measure, tape measure or ruler to ensure that they are at the same distance from each other. Caprice in the measures so that the composition is harmonious!

After pasting the molds on the wall, go away and see if the placement is adequate. So, when you put the real pictures, you won’t need to redo the holes and risk damage to the wall. When you are satisfied with the composition, use the molds to mark the wall with the pencil.

Now that you know how to position and mark the installation location of the frames, follow the reading to learn how to fix the frames on the wall!

How to install frames: learn about different methods of fixing frames on the wall

The choice of how you will fix the pictures on the wall will depend on some factors, such as:

  • Possibility of damaging the wall: Is the property owned or rented? Are holes in the wall allowed?
  • Decoration change frequency: Do you want to change the pictures on the wall frequently? Or do you intend to leave the same picture hanging for a long period of time?
  • Use of drills or hammers: Do you have experience using these tools? Are noise and dirt a problem for you when installing the frames?

Having defined your intentions and possibilities regarding the installation of the frames, it is possible to choose which of the fixation methods is most suitable for what you are looking for. Follow the reading and check out more tips on installing frames!

1. How to fix frames with screws?

Using a screw to fix pictures on the wall is one of the most classic and safe methods for those pieces of decoration that are bigger and heavier. If you have the possibility to use a drill on your property and, consequently, drill a hole in the frame installation wall, this method is very safe.

First, check that the drill, drill and plug you have is suitable for the material the wall is made of. Different types of walls require specific tools for this task.

A tip to avoid cracks and unnecessary damage to the wall is to place a piece of masking tape where the hole will be drilled. Then, position the drill using the drill bit of the appropriate size for the screw and the chuck you have chosen to support your frame.

Drill the hole carefully, fit the chuck, then insert the screw in place. Finally, hang the painting!

2. How to fix frames with nails?

Another possibility for you that can drill holes in the wall of your property is to install frames using a nail and hammer. Pay attention only to the size of the nail and make sure it is suitable for the type of wall you want to drill.

After marking the place where you want to hang the painting, position the nail by tilting it slightly upwards and hammer precisely to avoid damaging the wall.

After well positioned, just hang the picture.

3. How to install frames with double-sided foam tape?

One of the most practical and simple options for which you cannot, or do not want to, make holes in the wall is the use of double-sided adhesive tapes. The banana tape, or foam tape, has an excellent fixation and is indicated for permanent fixing of items on the wall. So, if you want to keep the same decoration for a while, this option is ideal!

It is possible to remove the tape from the wall, but the process requires patience and a little care. A tip is to use dental floss to remove the glue and then a damp cloth to remove what is left.

Each type of tape has a weight limit and you should check the instructions for use in the guidelines given by the manufacturer.

There are also many other tape options for attaching pictures to the wall. For those who wish to change the decoration frequently, we recommend the use of velcro tapes or adhesive hooks.

Did you like our tips on how to install frames? Be sure to comment on your questions and suggestions!

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