How to Know the Right Time to Change the Mattress?

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An old mattress can be more problematic than you think. In addition to compromising your health, when disposed of irregularly, this mattress ends up impacting the environment.

That’s why, in this post, we have super useful tips to help you find out if it’s time to change your mattress and, of course, tell you what to do with the old mattress. Come check it out.

How to know when to change mattresses

How to know when to change mattresses

Usage time

One of the first signs to help you figure out if your mattress needs changing is to identify how long it has been in use.

On average, it is recommended to change the mattress every five years for foam models and every ten years for spring models.

If your mattress is already making its debut, then it’s high time to make the switch.

Tears, stains and other wear and tear

Another clear sign that the mattress needs to be changed, regardless of the time of use, are tears, stains and other noticeable physical wear on the mattress surface.

This damage can even compromise your health, as tears and blemishes are perfect shelters for the proliferation of mites, mold and mildew.

sinking mattress

Now if you’ve noticed that your mattress sinks when you lie down, then it’s time to make the switch too.

A good mattress must have enough density to accommodate the body of the person who is lying down, otherwise, it can become a source of pain in the spine and neck, in addition to causing sleepless nights.

back pain on waking up

Are you experiencing back or neck pain every day when you wake up? This is not a good sign or, rather, it is a sign that the mattress is not suitable for your body type and therefore needs to be changed.

Remember that this type of problem often does not refer to the time the mattress has been used. If you buy the wrong model for your weight, for example, you will most likely feel this discomfort in the first few weeks of use, even if it is a new mattress.

Allergies and respiratory problems

An old mattress can trigger respiratory problems of different levels, including rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis, especially in people with a predisposition to allergies.

This is because over the years, the mattress ends up becoming a natural home for mites, especially when it is not frequently cleaned.

So if you start to sneeze, get a runny nose or itchy nose more than you used to, this could be a sign that your mattress needs to be changed.


You turn on one side, turn on the other, lie on your stomach, on your back and not find a comfortable sleeping position.

This scene may indicate that your mattress is not suitable for you and therefore needs to be replaced.

Again, the discomfort may have nothing to do with how long the mattress has been used. A wrong choice at the store and that’s it: you’re left with a new and problematic mattress.

Therefore, it is very worthwhile to seek information and test the mattress before making the purchase. Avoid buying mattresses from online stores, unless you already know the model in question.

What to do with old mattress

What to do with old mattress


One of the first things that may cross your mind when disposing of an old mattress is to put it up for donation.

This may be a noble and very beautiful attitude on your part, but it is important to pay attention to the state of the mattress. If it is badly damaged, with stains, tears and deep parts, it can end up compromising the health and quality of life of the recipients. In these cases, the best thing to do is to choose another destination for the old mattress.

However, if your mattress is being changed for reasons of adaptation and discomfort, that is, you have hardly used it, then it is worth donating it, as it is possible to find people who adapt to your mattress model.

But before making a donation, it is important to sanitize the mattress. To do this, first place the mattress for sunbathing and ventilation. Then, prepare a mixture with water, vinegar and baking soda and spray on the mattress, prioritizing areas with possible stains. Rub gently with a sponge and then leave the mattress in the sun for complete drying.

There are institutions that collect this type of donation, just look for the one closest to your home. In fact, many of them remove the mattress at home, bringing you even more comfort.


If some part of the mattress is unused and the other part is in good condition, you can choose to reuse it.

A good tip, for example, is to make a sofa for the balcony and use part of the mattress to cover this piece of furniture.

You can even create ottomans, pillows and even walks for your pets.


If the previous two options are not the best options for you and your mattress, then the solution is to send the mattress for recycling.

Yea! You might not know it, but mattress recycling exists. The first thing to do, in this case, is to look for a recycling cooperative that receives this type of material.

Then take the mattress to them or wait for it to be picked up at your house. Upon arrival at the cooperative, the mattress is separated into parts. Foam goes to one side, cover to the other, just like the springs.

The next step is to forward these materials, which have already been separated, to companies interested in putting them back into the industry’s production cycle.


Many cities offer a service known as an ecopoint. These places collect materials that cannot be disposed of in the common garbage, nor are they used for recycling, such as construction debris (limited to a certain weight), tree branches and trunks, unusable furniture and, of course, mattresses.

To use the service, look for the nearest recycling bin to your home and take the mattress there. The service is free.

Pick up stuff

But is it if in your city there is no company that recycles mattresses or any recycling bin? Well, in this case, the best (and maybe the only) option is to count on the scavenger service offered by the city halls.

The procedure to activate the service is usually simple: just call the number provided by the city and then wait for the mattress to be removed.

But, under no circumstances, put him on the street. The mattress can become a target for vandals and end up somewhere it shouldn’t, such as streams and vacant lots.

Activate the service and wait. Remembering that this type of service is also free.

What not to do with an old mattress

You saw that there are several ways to dispose of (or even reuse) an old mattress.

For this very reason, nothing is an excuse to throw it in the street, in vacant lots or streams.

The irregular disposal of mattresses is a problem that affects both the environment and people. That’s because it contributes to the clogging of sewers, increasing the incidence of floods and flooding.

Inappropriately discarded old mattress still harms aquatic life and can proliferate disease.

Make the right choice, be aware and look for the best disposal option for your old mattress.

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