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Have you ever thought of how to plant chili? Chili may not be a unanimous favoritism vegetable. But did you know that chili is very good for your health? It has antioxidant properties and is rich in vitamins and minerals! Wants to know how to plant chili? read our post until the end for information, tips and delicious recipes! Make your plate colorful and now learn how to plant chili in your home!

Important information about chili

Learn more trivia to learn how to plant chili. Originally from Mexico, the pepper is mainly appreciated in cooking. It can be easily found in its green, red and yellow varieties. Besides these you can find orange, white and purple peppers. The latter, with an exuberant color, has the mildest flavor among the others.

In addition to having antioxidant properties, peppers are also rich in vitamins. Vitamins A, B complex and C are among them. It is also from the processing of red peppers that paprika is made. A rich spice that guarantees a distinct flavor to different recipes!

how to plant chili

how to plant chili

Before learning to how to make chili seedlings, how about learning a few things about him? The most interesting one concerns the green, red and yellow varieties. It all started with seedling green pepper! Yea! The three best-known varieties show how long a green pepper has stayed on!

Pay attention to this tip! This one is for you who are on the team that suffers from indigestion due to chili peppers! If you suffer from heartburn, prefer to eat yellow peppers and avoid green ones.

How much, which and where: how to plant chili

If you have questions about where or how to plant chili, pay attention to the tips below. Have you thought about plant pepper in a pet bottle? Or plant chili in pot? It’s possible and it works! Follow everything in our post!

Which best time to plant chili?

According to Embrapa, the best time to plant chili it is mainly in the second half. Try to plant peppers during August and February.

Which best moon to plant chili?

already the best moon to plant chili is the crescent. During the crescent moon the plant produces more sap in the stem. This makes vegetables, such as peppers, to grow in a healthy way. The crescent moon is also the best moon to plant chili for being indicated for pruning and grafting. These are precautions that guarantee a fortified growth for the peppers.

How many times does a pepper plant produce?

How many times does a pepper plant produce? The bell pepper lasts 1 year and produces its fruits in the autumn. It will be ready for harvest after 120 to 130 days after sowing. Harvest time lasts between 90 to 120 days.

Sun, humidity and fertilized land

Sun, humidity and fertilized soil are the three most important tips for how to plant chili. The basic. Pepper is a vegetable that comes from a hot climate and enjoys a lot of sun. Try to leave it exposed to sunlight for 6 to 8 hours a day. The soil must be moist, but be careful not to soak and drown the plant! Always make a drainage layer at the bottom of the vessel! Finally, land fertilized with manure and organic material.

chili seed

Use this chili seed tip to make sure your chilies will sprout.

Remove the chili seed or seed bag and place in a container of water. Stir the water with your finger and let the seeds rest for 10 minutes. Go back and observe the behavior of the seeds. The seeds at the bottom are healthy and will germinate without problems. Those left on the surface are hollow, discard them.

How to make chili seedlings

How to make chili seedlings

Now that you have more information, how about learning how to make chili seedlings? In the video below you can see step by step how to replant a chili plant being born. Prepare your bib, your tools and let’s learn how to make green pepper seedlings!

How to plant a potted pepper

If you live in a house with no yard or little space, don’t worry. Pay attention to the two tips below. You can choose to learn how to plant a potted pepper or how to plant chili in a pet bottle! Always remember to keep him in the sun and with the soil moist just the way he likes it! Below you can see the video of how to plant chili in a pot!

How to plant chili in a pet bottle

Living in an apartment will no longer be a problem if you want to learn how to plant chili. How about following our tips for how to plant chili in a pet bottle? You will need a 5L bottle, sand, fertilized soil and natural fertilizer. Watch the video below to follow the step by step of how to plant chili in a pet bottle!

How to deal with mites on plants

One of the pests that affect peppers are the mites. It soaks into the leaves within the first few weeks of transplanting. To prevent this from happening, look for or produce natural repellents. In the video below, a natural recipe that helps in the prevention of mites is taught. The sulfur compound.

Pepper recipes

Now that you know everything about how to plant chili, how about using a recipe? Check out the video below for amazing recipes made with the three most common chili varieties.

Paprika properties

Paprika is a process by which the red pepper has been transformed into a spice. It was sun-dried, roasted and ground to powder. Paprika can be spicy or sweet, depending on which pepper you use! Curious to learn more about paprika? This video provides information about the properties, recipes and benefits of paprika in food.

Now the pepper started to get more familiar, isn’t it? Take advantage of our tips for how to plant chili and make your dishes more colorful! Do you have any suggestions? Any tips from how to plant chili who was left out? Leave your comment below and share it with us!

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