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Laziness shoo because today is bathroom cleaning day! Roll up your sleeves, set aside the cleaning kit, put your favorite music to play and, of course, follow the tips we brought in this post to help you clean the bathroom properly.

Why is it important to keep the bathroom clean?

The bathroom is the place where all residents do their personal hygiene, sharing spaces such as a shower stall, sink and toilet.

No wonder that this is one of the places in the house with the highest concentration and proliferation of germs and bacteria, including some very dangerous to human health such as salmonella, Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The large-scale concentration of bacteria and germs can cause problems such as skin mycoses, diarrhea, worms, infections and even hepatitis.

Not to mention that a clean and fragrant bathroom is infinitely more pleasant to use, bringing comfort and warmth after a tiring day of work.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1. From top to bottom

It’s no use cleaning the bathroom floor if the sink is still dirty. The correct way to clean the bathroom (and even other rooms in the house) is always top-down.

In other words, start with surfaces and objects that are higher up and only clean the floor at the end.

2. Empty the bathroom

For a thorough cleaning you will also need to empty the bathroom. This means removing all objects from the environment, including hygiene products, trash, rugs, towels, decorative objects, among others.

3. Gather everything you will need

Before starting to clean the bathroom, gather all the materials and products that will be needed (we’ve brought you a short list below, don’t worry).

In addition to making cleaning easier, you also avoid walking around the house with wet feet, damaging the floor and carpet in other environments.

4. Change the swimsuit

Take advantage of the bathroom cleaning time to change all the bathing suit, including bath and face towels, as well as the rugs.

It is very important to maintain a bathing suit change routine to ensure bathroom hygiene, as these items tend to accumulate a lot of germs and bacteria over time.

5. Maintain regular cleaning

It’s no use doing a thorough cleaning in your bathroom and only cleaning it again two months from now.

Regular cleaning is what will ensure a bathroom in good condition.

Bathroom Cleaning Products

When cleaning the bathroom, it is also important to have the right products to ensure correct and efficient disinfection. Make a note of the products below and put them on your short list for future purchases.

Neutral detergent

Neutral detergent

Neutral detergent is a wild product for any type of cleaning. In the case of bathrooms, it is ideal for removing impregnated dirt, especially grease and stains in the shower area.

Neutral detergent is also effective in cleaning more delicate surfaces, where the use of more aggressive products is not recommended, as is the case with natural stone countertops, for example.


The multipurpose type products are indicated for heavy cleaning and are great for degreasing and removing difficult stains from floors, coverings, bathroom fixtures and the internal area of ​​the box.

Glass cleaner

Glass cleaner

As the name suggests, the glass cleaner is the product indicated for cleaning windows, doors and mirrors inside the bathroom.


Products known as bactericides are those that carry the information “kills up to 99.9% of bacteria” on the label.

These products must be used in the completion of cleaning drains, sinks and especially the toilet. But remember, do not mix bactericidal products with bleach or chlorine, as the combination of these substances can become toxic and harmful to health.


Stains of all kinds, including mold and mildew, as well as yellowish areas can be cleaned with bleach.

To do this, just pour a little of the product directly onto the area to be cleaned, wait a few minutes and scrub with a sponge or brush.


Heavier cleanings can be done with chlorine. This is not the type of product that needs to be used in every bathroom cleaning, as this is a very toxic and highly corrosive substance, which can damage materials and surfaces.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate

A real magic powder, baking soda is a great ally in bathroom cleaning, especially that of everyday life. It serves to help clean the toilet, remove grimy grout stains, and remove odors.


One of the most popular bathroom cleaning products is disinfectant. This product can be used to clean the toilet and to help disinfect the floor.

The disinfectant still serves to give that cleaning smell at the end of the cleaning.

soft sponge

There is no cleaning without a good sponge. You can opt for double-sided ones, where one side is rougher while the other is softer.

With it, clean the most delicate surfaces such as countertops, toilet seat, metals and the glass shower door.

hard bristle brush

The hard bristle brush, similar to the one used for washing clothes, should be used in places with dirt that is more difficult to remove, such as grouts and floors.



Yes, have a toothbrush just to clean the bathroom. It could be that old woman you were going to throw away. The toothbrush helps to clean corners and crevices where the brush and sponge cannot reach.

toilet brush

You know that brush that is always next to the toilet? So, it is essential for cleaning the bathroom. Remembering that this brush must be for the exclusive use of the toilet.

Floor cloth

Cleaning cloths are also an important part of the cleaning kit. Have at least two rags to dry and supplement your floor cleaning.

cleaning cloth

For surfaces such as countertops, cabinets, niches and shelves, use a microfiber cloth or flannel. The important thing is that it is soft and preferably lint-free.

Paper towel

Paper towel

Some surfaces stain easily, such as stainless steel mirrors, glass and metals. To prevent these areas from appearing blurry or whitish, use paper towels for finishing.

Bathroom cleaning step by step

Bathroom cleaning step by step

Step 1: Remove objects from the bathroom

Remove all objects from the bathroom, from decorative items to the trash and bathing suit.

Step 2: Wall Cladding

Clean wall coverings according to material. Ceramic coverings should be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with multipurpose. At this point, take the opportunity to clean the door handle and the switch. Then use a dry cloth to remove excess product and prevent stains.

Step 2: Box

Then it’s time to wash the box. Leave it to “soak” for a few minutes in bleach to help disinfect and remove dirt. Then scrub the floor, shower door and wall with a soft sponge. Areas with stubborn stains and dirt can be cleaned with a stiff bristle brush. Rinse and dry.

Step 3: Glass and Mirrors

Now it’s time for glass and mirrors. Clean using a microfiber cloth dampened with a glass cleaner, but first remove excess dust.

Step 4: Sink and Countertop

The sink and countertop should be cleaned with a soft sponge and mild detergent. Then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Step 5: Cabinets

Clean cabinets inside and out with a soft cloth slightly dampened in an all-in-one.

Step 6: Toilet

The next step is cleaning the toilet. Do this by leaving the “sauce” vessel for a few minutes in bleach or chlorine. Afterwards, flush and apply a bit of multipurpose. Scrub with the appropriate brush. Rinse and pour in at the end a bactericidal product. Dry the pot on the outside.

Step 7: Floor

Finally, you must clean the floor. Scrub it with a stiff bristle brush and a little multipurpose and detergent. Rinse, pour disinfectant or bactericide and wipe dry.

Step 8: Organize

After the bathroom is clean and dry, you should return everything to its place. Take this time to organize your personal items.

Keep cleaning day to day

Keep cleaning day to day

Clean and fragrant bathroom, now it’s time to keep it that way. But how? Cleaning the bathroom on a daily basis is simple. You don’t even spend ten minutes and you’re guaranteed a beautiful bathroom to live in!

For starters, take out the trash. Afterwards, open the window so that the whole room can breathe and light up, even this ensures that the bathroom doesn’t create mold stains or get unpleasant smells.

The next step is to put the towels out to dry. Yes, dry towels prevent the proliferation of mites, germs and bacteria, in addition to keeping them smelling longer.

Afterwards, clean the countertop with a cloth dampened with alcohol or another product of your choice.

Finally, clean the toilet using a bactericide and brush. If the floor is dirty or stained, it’s worth a quick wipe.


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