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Thinking about having a barbecue this weekend? Excellent! But before buying meat and beer it is important to make a check list of all the barbecue utensils that will be needed for the preparation and the time to serve the meat.

So it is! Just as important as buying good quality meat is having the right accessories on hand not only to facilitate and optimize the work of the grill, but, above all, to ensure that the meat is juicy and tender.

So write down everything you will need?

08 utensils for a perfect barbecue

1. Knives


Whoever has never suffered with a blunt knife that throws the first stone!

A sharp, sharp-cut knife is all a master barbecueman needs to start a quality barbecue.

It turns out that meats are treated and prepared per stage and for each of these stages there is a more suitable type of knife.

The chef’s knife, for example, is indicated for the moment of cutting the meat, since its larger size favors a precise cut without damaging the meat fibers.

For the moment of boning the meat, it is best to use a boning knife to loosen the bone from the meat cut more easily.

Also have a good saw knife in your hands to cut breads and other side dishes from the barbecue.

And to ensure that the cut of the knives is sharp until the end of the barbecue, carry a sharpener with you and use it whenever you find it necessary.

2. Skewers


Barbecue skewers are controversial. This is because there are those who prefer to pass well away from them, since the puncture caused by the utensil compromises the quality of the meat by letting the juice escape, causing the meat to dry out.

However, skewers can be used as long as you know the right type of meat to put on it.

Prefer those with bones, such as ribs, for example. Other types of meat, such as sausages and hearts, can also be roasted on skewers.

3. Grid


The grill, unlike the skewer, is suitable for roasting meats without losing the juice and, consequently, maintaining the juicy and soft texture.

The meats most suitable for roasting on the grill are those without bones, such as fillet, breast, picanha and flank steak, for example.

The advantage of the grill is that both meats, breads and vegetables are roasted whole and more evenly than with a skewer.

But in order to be successful with the use of the grill it is important to keep it at an adequate distance from the coals. If it gets too close, it burns. If you stay away, she cooks, instead of baking.

And if you have a choice, the Argentine grill is one of the most recommended, as it has a solid plate on the underside preventing the fat from falling into the coals and raising a lot of smoke.

4. Apron

BBQ Apron

It’s not just a matter of style, okay? The use of the apron brings a lot of practicality for those who are in the front line of the barbecue. First, because it prevents grease and other dirt from falling directly on clothing.

Second, because many apron models have pockets that help (and a lot) the master barbecueman to have everything he needs on hand when handling meat.


Do not dispense with the use of boards during the barbecue. They serve to assist the preparation of meat, but, above all, they are wild cards when making the cut and serving meat and side dishes.

All this without mentioning that it also keeps everything more hygienic.

Have at least three different boards to use during the barbecue. One for the raw foods that are yet to be prepared, another for the roasted meats and another for cutting vegetables, breads and cheeses. That way you prevent one food from « catching » the flavor of another.

Wooden boards are the most suitable, but you can also use glass boards that are easy to clean, avoid only plastic ones for hygiene reasons.

6. Fork

The fork is very useful when serving the roasted meats. But we are not referring here to that fork used at mealtimes.

The barbecue fork is the long one with only two sharp and pointed teeth, also known as a carving fork.

However, it should not be used to handle meats that are still hot. That’s because it ends up causing holes in the meat, causing it to lose its juiciness.

7. Catcher

And if you can’t use a fork to turn the meat, what are you going to use? Good question!

The most suitable is the use of a handle or tweezers. With this simple accessory you can check the point of the meat and turn it on the grill without worrying about losing its juiciness.

8. Barbecue lighter

Barbecue lighter

The barbecue lighter is not an indispensable item, but it can break a branch, especially for those who do not have much experience in lighting the charcoal.

The electric igniter is the fastest and safest of all, as you just touch it to the charcoal and you’re done.

But for those who prefer something more manual, you can choose a lighter made at home, with paper cones, for example.

Ready now to have that responsa barbecue and impress your guests?

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