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Versatile and timeless, the leather jacket is a wild card in any wardrobe. But in order for it to be able to cross the years with the same beauty and quality as when it was purchased it is essential that you know how to clean the leather jacket properly.

There are many myths and legends out there saying what can and cannot be done with leather. The fact is that, in fact, there is not much complication or mystery.

When it comes to cleaning a leather jacket, the most important thing is to use the right products and set aside a little time just for that.

So, let's learn how to clean your jacket properly? Keep following this post with us:

Care when cleaning the leather jacket

Leather jacket

  • Always read the instructions on your leather jacket label. The manufacturer, more than anyone, knows what necessary care must be taken with that part. So, in this small piece of fabric, you can get valuable information on how to clean, dry and store the jacket.
  • Do not use abrasive products on the leather jacket. Also, do not use bleaches, remove stains, acidic products such as lemon, nor use degreasers.
  • Use only a soft cloth to clean the jacket. No scrubbing washing brushes (which usually have rough, stiff bristles), also don't use steel brushes or any other type of surface that can scratch or fray leather.
  • Under no circumstances wash the leather jacket in the washing machine or use the clothes dryer. These devices can cause cracks and wear on the leather, and even shrink the part.
  • If you have questions about the product you are using, do a small test on a hidden area of ​​the jacket.
  • Stains from coffee, wine, grape juice, tomato sauce and fats in general should be cleaned as soon as possible before the leather jacket. This is because the leather tends to absorb the stain and the longer it takes to clean, the more the stain will impregnate itself in the piece. The ideal is to clean as soon as you notice the stain.
  • Do not dry your leather jacket in the sun. It is also not advisable to dry the piece with a hairdryer. Heat is harmful to leather.
  • When drying the jacket, prefer to hang it on a hanger instead of using clothespins, as they can cause creases and marks on the garment, as well as leaving it out of alignment. The hanger is the best place to dry it.
  • If you notice any stains that are difficult to remove, it is most advisable to take the leather jacket to a specialized laundry. This way you avoid causing further damage to the part.

How to clean leather jacket with two simple techniques

Water and soap

The first (and easiest) option is to clean the leather jacket with soap and water. But, calm down! This does not mean that you should put the jacket in the washing machine. Far from it!

The leather jacket cannot be washed in a washing machine, much less in a dryer. Both devices can damage the leather structure and destroy your beloved jacket.

Therefore, the right way to clean is with a soft towel, a basin and a little water and soap.

The first step is to put water at room temperature inside a basin, don't use hot water, okay?

Then drop a few drops of neutral detergent, just enough to make a little foam.

Beware of excess soap. If you use too much detergent, the leather can stain and end up looking whitish. Not to mention, that you still increase the chances of leather cracking and crumbling.

After making this smooth mixture, take a soft towel and dip it into the bowl. Twist to remove the excess.

Then, start to pass the towel over the jacket in long, linear movements. Avoid rubbing the fabric too hard.

Pay a little more attention to the parts of the jacket that have more dirt, especially those with oil and grease stain.

After finishing all the cleaning, take another towel and soak it in clean water to remove the detergent.

Finally, with a clean, dry towel, dry the entire jacket.

After cleaning, you must hydrate the leather. For this, it is possible to use olive oil or a specific moisturizer for leather.

Apply the hydrant on a soft cloth and rub it over the entire piece until you feel that all the leather has been properly hydrated.

At the end of the process put the jacket to dry again.

Before storing the jacket in the wardrobe, make sure it is dry to prevent mold and mildew stains.

Leather product

The second option to clean your leather jacket in the right way is to opt for a specific product for this purpose.

There are several of them for sale, most with very affordable prices, costing around R $ 15 to R $ 25.

This type of product generally adds two important cares for leather: cleaning and hydration.

The action of this product gently cleanses and still manages to hydrate the piece in the right way and to the measure.

To use it, read the instructions on the package. But in general, the process basically consists of wetting a clean, soft cloth with the product and wiping it over the piece, that's all!

How to Clean Faux Leather Jacket

And when leather is not natural? How is cleaning done? The process is practically the same, since both natural leather and synthetic leather are delicate and require care.

The difference is that some pieces of synthetic leather can be washed in the washing machine. To find out if this is the case for your jacket, just check the label.

To wash the leatherette jacket in the washing machine, place it inside out in a wash bag.

But if you prefer to use a less stressful method for the garment, you can easily clean the synthetic leather using water and mild soap, in the same step-by-step previously taught.

After the cleaning process, it is important to hydrate the synthetic leather, in the same way as with natural leather, using olive oil or a specific hydrant.

Tips to keep your leather jacket longer

After washing and moisturizing the leather jacket, you will need to keep the item in the closet until the next time you use it. But before doing this, check out some tips for storing the jacket properly and, thus, keeping it for longer.

  • Keep the leather jacket hanging, always !. Do not keep the folded jacket in the closet, it may warp.
  • The best type of hanger for the leather jacket is the padded one, precisely because it does not leave marks on the fabric.
  • If you don't use the jacket often, try to keep it in a cover. Prefer those in TNT fabric that allow the leather to "breathe". Do not use plastic covers, as they cover the leather.
  • From time to time, take your leather jacket out of the closet and put it on for air, but don't leave it in the sun. If you haven't used it in a while, take the time to moisturize the leather. The ideal is to moisturize the jacket at least once a year.
  • It is worth waterproofing your leather jacket so that it lasts longer. This way, it stops absorbing moisture and other liquids that can stain it.
  • If you are the type to remove all tags from the clothes you buy, watch out! Keep the leather jacket label to see how to clean it in the future.
  • If you notice the presence of unpleasant odors in your jacket, use baking soda. Put a little bit of baking soda on the piece and let it rest overnight. The next day, with a vacuum cleaner, remove all the baking soda. The bad smell will go away.
  • Do not use an iron on the leather jacket. If you notice creases and dents in the piece, the best solution is to put your jacket inside the bathroom when you are taking a shower. This is because moisture and hot steam naturally disintegrate the fabric.

After all these tips, you can be sure that your leather jacket will last for many, many years.

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