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You know when you're a little lacking in creativity to make lunch or dinner, but then you remember that you have broccoli in the fridge? Well, this cabbage and green vegetable can add value and flavor to any dish, freeing you from a dull meal.

But there is a detail: cooking. Do you know how to cook broccoli? The way of preparing this vegetable is that it will guarantee the flavor, texture and, of course, the best absorption of nutrients.

So, we brought in this post the step by step for you to learn how to cook broccoli just right in different ways, shall we see?

Broccoli: benefits and preparations

How to cook broccoli

Nutritious and tasty, broccoli is a great ally of healthy eating. The soft texture appeals to everyone, including children who tend to be more selective with food.

Broccoli is an incredible food for those who want to keep their bones healthy and, in addition, help prevent problems such as osteoporosis.

That's because broccoli is rich in vitamin K that helps maintain calcium fixation in bones. Just to give you an idea, a 60-gram serving of cooked broccoli is capable of providing 100% of the daily requirement for vitamin K.

Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant capable of increasing the body's natural defense and even preventing the development of diseases such as cancer.

Broccoli also favors the health of the cardiovascular system, thanks to its ability to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

Those who consume broccoli regularly are also nourishing the body with potassium, manganese, iron and vitamin B9, in addition to fiber.

In Brazil, there are two types of broccoli that are best known: the raw and the ninja, the one similar to cauliflower.

When buying broccoli, make sure it is dark green in color and has closed buttons. Do not buy those that already have flowers or with yellowish parts, this is an indication that the broccoli is already passing the point.

Broccoli can be eaten boiled or baked in preparations that range from fillings of pasta pies and breads, to salads or mixed with white rice. There are plenty of options to insert this vegetable in your diet!

How to cook broccoli in different ways

The way of cooking broccoli interferes with the texture and flavor of the food, as well as the preservation of nutrients.

It is also important to note that broccoli cannot overcook, otherwise it loses texture. The maximum recommended time, depending on the type of cooking, is a maximum of five minutes.

Check out the most popular ways to cook broccoli below.

Steamed broccoli

For those who want to keep the flavor, texture and nutrients of broccoli practically unchanged, they should opt for steaming.

The process is simple. Wash and remove the leaves and larger stems. Then place the broccoli on top of the steaming pan, the one similar to a colander.

If you don't have such a pot, improvise using a metal sieve that fits over any of your pots.

Put water in the bottom of the pan, about three centimeters, do not let the water touch the basket.

Then, put the broccoli in the basket. Cover the pan and let them cook for about five minutes or until you notice that they are already slightly soft.

Microwave broccoli

You can also use the microwave to cook broccoli. To do this, place the sprigs of the vegetable on a plate with a little water. Then cover the plate with another plate.

Microwave at high power for 4 minutes. Carefully remove from the appliance as the dish will be hot.

Check that they are already soft, otherwise return them to the microwave for another minute.

Broccoli in pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is the best option for those who want to cook broccoli quickly. To do this, simply place the foils in the pot with enough water to cover.

Close the pan, count three minutes after the pressure starts and that's it.

Broccoli in the common pan

Another way to cook broccoli is using a regular pan and using the boiling process. However, in this case, it is important to remember that most nutrients end up being lost with water and high temperature.

In any case, the process is also simple. Just place the broccoli in the pan, cover with water, bring to the fire and wait until they are soft, about five minutes.

Broccoli in the oven

Broccoli in the oven is a complete recipe. The cooking time is longer, but the end result pays off.

To cook broccoli in the oven, do the following: wash and place the florets in a glass dish or dish.

Season them with salt, pepper, oil and finely chopped garlic. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake at medium temperature for about 20 to 25 minutes.

How to preserve and freeze broccoli

Broccoli is a highly perishable food, meaning it spoils easily. So there is no point in making a large portion if you are not going to eat, the possibility of throwing everything away afterwards is great.

But if you want to keep the broccoli for longer you can choose to freeze it after cooking. That way, you guarantee the food whenever you want.

The broccoli freezing process is known as bleaching.

The first part of this process consists of cooking the broccoli until it is al dente, that is, firm, neither too soft nor too hard. On average, three minutes on steam is enough.

Immediately after removing the broccoli from cooking, pour it into a bowl of ice water and ice cubes. Leave it there for about three more minutes.

Then drain well and place it in a clean and sanitized pot. When you need to use broccoli in your recipe, just remove a portion of the freezer and place it directly in the pan.

Do not thaw broccoli before, it tends to get rubbery.

After these tips on how to cook broccoli now just enjoy the best of this food.

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