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A well-made bed leaves any room with a special touch of comfort and warmth. There’s nothing like coming home after a tiring day at work and finding a nice, tidy bed, is there? And it doesn’t even have to be something very luxurious, full of pillows, pillows and comforters.

With some very simple tricks on how to make a double bed, your bed can be super well made and add an even more special touch to your bedroom decor!

The bed is the main piece of every room and, for this reason, when it is organized and beautiful, the whole room is also more pleasant and cozy. As a popular culture saying goes: “Messy bed, messy life”. So it’s worth investing a little time every morning to get your bed made up before you leave the house.

With a few simple tricks, you won’t waste even 5 minutes on the task. Follow the reading and check out the tips we have separated on how to make a double bed!

How to make a double bed: which parts are really necessary?

With a busy life, we know that the time to clean the house and keep everything in order is very short. Therefore, in this article we bring practical and efficient tips for you to learn how to make your bed as quickly as possible, without compromising the organization and elegance of your room.

You’ll find that by keeping your bed clean, tidy, and cozy, you’ll sleep better and feel much more comfortable when you enter your room. There is no better remedy for a tiring and stressful routine than a good night’s rest, is there? That’s why it’s so important that you know how to make a double bed.

Many people wonder what parts are really necessary to make the bed tidy and beautiful. There are many inspirational photos for bed organization in magazines and on the internet, but they always seem difficult to reproduce due to the amount of pillows, blankets and comforters.

But calm down! If you want to make your bed in a simpler and more economical way, without leaving comfort and beauty aside, then you can check which pieces and bedding are actually necessary for this task! Don’t miss it.

The main tip on how to make a double bed is that you choose items that match the overall decor of the room. As we said, the bed is the centerpiece of the room and, therefore, it must be in accordance with the decoration of the room. Combine colors and prints and use your creativity in choosing the theme.

To make your bed in a simple and beautiful way, initially, you will need the following pieces:

  • 1 sheet with elastic to use on the mattress (the famous “bottom sheet”);
  • 1 sheet to cover (or “top sheet”);
  • Enough pillowcases for the pillows you have;
  • 1 comforter or bedspread.

As for the number of pillows, we recommend a total of 4 for double beds, two for sleeping and two support pillows. However, if you want to use more pillows to decorate or complement your decor with pillows, be creative! Pay attention only to the decoration of the space and use colors that match the overall room.

How to save on the purchase of these items?

How to make a double bed

Well, if you want to spend less and still have your bed always beautiful and elegant, we advise you to invest in a bed set that contains all the pieces we mentioned above. Bedding sets are often cheaper than buying single items, and what’s more, buying a bedding set is ensuring that all the pieces will match!

If you have a lot of pillows, your bed set may not contain all the pillowcases you need. To solve this problem, you can purchase neutral color single pillowcases. So you don’t spend a lot and still guarantee that your extra pillowcases will match any set of sheets.

A tip when spending less on the item that will appear most in bed, ie, the comforter or bedspread, is to think that this piece can only be for decoration. At bedtime, you can use a warmer and more comfortable blanket or comforter than the one that covers the bed during the day.

This way, you are freer to choose a quilt that is aesthetically beautiful, but not necessarily used for sleeping!

It may seem like a little high investment just to decorate the bed, but when you enter the room and find a beautiful and cozy bed, you will understand that every detail is worth it.

How to make a double bed: step by step

Now, you will learn a quick and efficient step by step on how to make a double bed. By following the steps we’ve presented here, you’ll quickly make your bed and it will soon become part of your morning routine.

1. Elastic sheet

The first thing you should do to make the bed is to place the elastic sheet on the mattress. Start by fitting the elastic to the head of the bed and then straighten the sides. It is important to note the seams of the sheet and leave them to the underside.

After fitting all sides of the sheet, center it and run your hands through the fabric to remove any creases and improve the finish.

2. Cover sheet

Now, you are going to put the top sheet (the one without the elastic) on the bed. Spread it out on the mattress and center the sheet well on the bed. If desired, make a fold of approximately 30cm in the sheet from the headboard.

3. Quilt or comforter

Next, you will place the quilt or comforter on the bed. Center the piece well, starting from the sides and front of the bed. Ideally, your quilt or comforter should cover the entire bed, right down to the floor.

After arranging the bedspread well, run your hands over it to remove any creases, then make a fold from the headboard, just as you did with the sheet.

4. Pillowcases and pillows

Now you will place the pillowcases on the pillows and arrange them on the bed. An organization tip that makes any bed beautiful and very cozy is to have two pillows supported diagonally between the headboard and the bed and the other two pillows supported on the first ones.

If you have pillows, try to center them with the pillows to form a harmonious composition.

5. Keep the organization

The main tip is to always keep the bed organized and clean. Upon waking up, stretch out the elasticated sheet, center the top sheet, and arrange the bedspread or comforter well. Then position the pillows and pillows as explained. That way, when you return to your room after a tiring day, you will be greeted by a clean, comfortable bed.

Remember to change bedding frequently, including pillow and pillow covers. When possible, place the mattress and pillows in the sun and use hypoallergenic drugs to keep your family free from allergic rhinitis.

Did you like the tips on how to make a double bed? Write in the comments!

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