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THE bathroom cleaning it is essential when cleaning the house. Of the tasks that exist at the time of general cleaning, the bathroom is the room in the house that most needs attention. In it there is the accumulation of germs and bacteria that can harm your family’s health. Therefore, its maintenance is extremely important.

To accomplish this task in an uncomplicated way, here are the seven steps to learn once and for all. how to wash bathroom.

First step – clearing the area

To start with the bathroom cleaning, remove everything that can get in the way of it. Remove the trash can, towels, rugs and laundry basket, if there is one. Take out bath items like shampoo, conditioner and sponge. Do not forget to remove the things that are in the closet as well, such as your toothbrush, hair, shaver, creams, lotions and the like.

With the path clear, start bathroom cleaning from top to bottom, leaving the floor last. So get a sponge, a cleaning brush, a clean cloth, a broom, a bucket of water, bleach, and detergent. Now start cleaning the walls.

Second step – washing the walls

A good one toilet wash mix is water, bleach and detergent. O bathroom detergent it is very effective because it helps to remove grease and grime that might have on the tiles. Prepare this solution and dampen the cloth. For places closer to the floor that are within your reach, just use the cleaning cloth, sponge or brush to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Thoroughly rub the tiles up to the ceiling. Don’t forget the top corners. If you don’t reach some higher places, you can use the broom as an extender to finish cleaning the bathroom wall. Simply wrap the cloth around the broom and rub it where necessary.

If this little mix to clean grimy bathroom based on bleach, water and detergent does not give the expected effect, you can use a product that does not need toilet wash mix and what is always recommended: chlorine.

If the grime is too strong, apply the chlorine all over the bathroom wall and let it work for a few minutes. This is a product that helps to fight not only the grime, but also the germs and bacteria that can lodge themselves between the tiles, in the grouting part, as well as in the drains.

After a few minutes, scrub the walls with a sponge or a cloth to remove excess chlorine. Use the shower hose to rinse. If you don’t have a hose, use the bucket of water or use a damp cloth.

Well scrubbed and rinsed, use a drier cloth to finish drying the walls and go to the box. If your bathroom does not have a box, no problem. One less item to clean. Then skip the next step and go to the next one.

Third step – cleaning the box

The box is an item that can vary in its physical structure. The differences between them that may exist in a bathroom are: glass, plastic curtain and frosted acrylic. Here you will learn how to deal with the cleaning of each of these types of box at the time of cleaning the bathroom.

  • glass box – to the bathroom cleaning with a glass shower, just use the same solution of water, bleach and detergent used previously to clean the glass walls of the shower stall. With the same cloth or sponge, wipe the entire length of the glass and finish with a dry, clean cloth.

If you prefer chlorine, just apply it to the glass, just as you did to the wall. But this time, you won’t have to wait any longer. As soon as you pass the chlorine on the glass of the shower box, you can clean it with a damp cloth first, then with a dry one.

  • acrylic box – products such as bleach and kerosene that are occasionally used in bathroom cleaning may stain the acrylic box. Avoid them. Give preference to detergent.

Dilute a little detergent in water and wipe the acrylic in the box with a cloth. Then wipe with a damp cloth without detergent and then finish with a dry cloth.

  • plastic curtain – With the plastic curtain, the process is prior to washing the bathroom walls. It fits in the path clearance step. So remove the bathroom curtain to wash it.

The curtain can be machine washed, but use the delicate clothes cycle. As products to better sanitize the plastic shower curtain, use a cup of alcohol vinegar, washing powder and a cup of baking soda. You don’t have to wait for it to dry completely before returning it to the bathroom. When you have finished hitting the machine, hang it back in the box and let it dry naturally.

A homemade product for cleaning the bathroom can be replaced according to availability and need. In some cases, instead of bleach, for example, you can use vinegar, as seen above when washing the plastic shower curtain. In addition to being less corrosive, vinegar also helps fight germs, bacteria and even fungi.

Fourth step – taking a bath in the shower

Wash the bathroom ask for some specific attention, before handling your electric shower, for the sake of safety, turn off the bathroom light board. To wash the shower is simple. The mouth where the water passes at bath time is detachable. Remove it. Sometimes the holes in this mouth are clogged due to some waste that comes from the street or from the box. Clean them and unclog the holes.

For a better cleaning of the shower mouth, let it soak for a few minutes in a solution of water and bleach. Before putting it back, rinse your mouth and shower. You can turn the light frame back on.

Remember that this step is occasional, that is, if you clean the bathroom every week, you don’t need to clean the shower every week. This can even end up damaging it. Cleaning the shower once a year is enough.

Fifth step – clean sink

Take good care of the sink as this is where there is a huge accumulation of bacteria and germs. Clean it well using a sponge and the same solution of water, bleach and detergent that you used on the walls to clean both the inside and outside of the sink. Make sure the drain is clean and unobstructed and don’t forget to clean the faucet and the valve.

Finally, rinse the entire sink thoroughly and dry it with a clean, dry cloth designed to clean only the sink.

If you have a closet or cabinet in your bathroom, you can clean it now or after you finish the entire bathroom. It’s your choice. Either way, your cleaning is simple. Use a clean cloth with detergent and a little water. Pass the entire length of the furniture, can inside and out, and then use a dry cloth to dry it.

For the mirrors, just wipe with a cloth with detergent and water. If it’s too grimy, use a soft sponge to lightly scrub the mirror. Be careful not to scratch. Rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess water. Let it dry naturally.

Sixth step – fixing the toilet

The ideal way to wash the toilet is to use gloves and a brush to help. There are different methods for cleaning, as it depends a lot on the state in which the toilet is. If it’s a routine cleaning, a chore done at least once a week, you won’t have as much work.

Pour bleach into the toilet and use the brush to brush the entire inside of the toilet. To the outside, wipe a cloth with a solution of bleach, water and detergent. Wipe the seat and cover also with the cloth. After cleaning the toilet inside and out, pour some bleach into the toilet, close the lid and leave for a few minutes. The time you finish cleaning the bathroom will be enough to sanitize it.

Afterwards, when the bathroom cleaning, open the toilet, flush and leave it open. Wipe a cloth dampened with water and detergent on the lid and seat again, then a dry one. Avoid using it for the next few minutes.

In case of a more grimy bathroom, do the same cleaning process. However, before doing so, pour baking soda into the toilet and let it act for a few minutes. Then pour bleach and brush. Clean as described above.

Seventh step – to the ground

For the floor, the process is simpler. Just use the solution made to clean the walls on the floor by scrubbing with a broom. Don’t forget about the corners, behind the toilet, behind the door, the shower rail, if you have one, and under the cabinet or sink. Rinse with water and pull excess water down the drain. Use a dry cloth to finish and don’t leave the bathroom floor so damp.

Leave the bathroom door and window open for air to ventilate and allow the bathroom to dry naturally.

Bathroom clean and pleasant to use!

You’ve just completed one of the most unwanted tasks in everyday life. Now when someone asks how to clean the bathroom, you already know what to answer and how to clear it with these seven steps that were put here to help you. Leave your opinion, share your experiences about the products you use or how you carry out the bathroom cleaning. Comment here.

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