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Those who have pets do not even need to tell how much they love their pets, even because the clothes full of hair end up giving them away. After all, the moments of affection and games with your cat or dog can yield several lint that get stuck on your clothes.

But you don’t need to abolish black clothes, much less deprive yourself of playing with your pets. To help you solve this problem, we’ve brought you some simple and easy tips. how to remove hair from clothes without damaging them. It’s much simpler than you might think. Follow up!

How to remove hair from clothes: prevention is the best medicine

If you have a puppy or a kitten, you’ve certainly noticed that it’s almost impossible to go a day without coming across some stray fur around the house. This happens especially in clothes and, in darker pieces, the situation is even worse, as any light lint stands out.

besides knowing how to remove hair from clothes, it is important to know how to cut the root of the problem. Keeping your clothes from sticking out forever is an almost impossible task. But with a few simple habits, you can minimize the problem.

Below is a list of basic precautions to avoid needing remove hair from clothes every time you need to leave the house.

1. Remove hair from clothing before washing it

a simple attitude, how to remove hair from clothes before wetting it, it contributes a lot so that the lint does not spread to other parts. This practice also prevents hairs from clogging the filter of washing machines or dryers.

2. Store clothes inside out

Keeping the pieces upside down eliminates the problem, as hairs on the right side are less apparent.

3. The vacuum is a great ally

Count on the help of the vacuum cleaner to avoid needing take off clothes so often. If you keep your house clean and vacuum every room on a weekly basis, you’ll soon realize the difference a clean house makes to your clothes and your life.

4. Bathe your pets frequently

Ideally, dogs should bathe weekly. Some also need to be shorn quite often, especially in summer. This habit already greatly reduces the accumulation of hair around the house.

Cats tend to take care of their own hygiene, but some breeds require a more careful bath due to the type of fur. Check with your veterinarian.

5. Brush your pets whenever possible

Autumn and spring are the times when the animals tend to change their coat. If possible, brush your dog or cat more often during these periods to remove hair that is already loose.

6. Your pet’s health starts with feeding

A good diet directly influences your pet’s health. As hair loss can indicate a lack of nutrients, it is important to keep an eye on the quality of his diet and consult a veterinarian.

7. It’s not just the pets’ fault

It’s not just cats and dogs that force you to remove fur from clothes. Note if you have coats, blouses or rugs at home made of materials that also shed fur. Jackets and blouses can be stored in bags or capes to prevent them from accumulating hair on other pieces.

How to remove hair from clothes with simple techniques

The good news is that you can get rid of hairs on clothing – both animal and woolly lint – with a few simple habits.

Wants to know how to remove hair from clothes without much effort and without fraying the fabric fibers? Here are some techniques that you can apply at home.

How to remove hair from clothing using duct tape

Adhesive tapes, often used to seal cardboard packages, are an inexpensive and accessible resource for removing hair from black clothing.

Just take off pieces of tape and do the gluing and pulling motion of the garment and the lint will come out easily.

How to remove hair from clothes using adhesive rollers

There is also the option of adhesive rollers on the market, which are suitable for removing hair from clothes. They’re easy to find in supermarkets, and because they’re made for that, they’re more effective than duct tape and gentler on clothing.

The Adhesive Roller is an inexpensive, all-in-one feature that will help you in a number of ways, as it can also be used to remove hair from sofas and bedspreads.

Remember that it is necessary to change the pieces as they become full of hair, as the “glue” stops adhering after the tape is full.

How to remove hair from clothes using a sponge

Dishwashing sponges are great for removing hairs from clothes, especially those that insist on getting caught in the pieces.

Use a clean, new sponge and gently rub the softer part of the garment, in movements that go from top to bottom. Repeat this process until the piece is free of hair.

But be careful when cleaning. If you move with too much force, the fabric fibers can fray and even tear. A tip is to test in a hidden area of ​​clothing and make sure the fabric is strong before trying this method.

How to remove hair from clothing using rubber gloves

Those famous rubber gloves that we use when cleaning can do a great job when removing hair from clothes. Put on the gloves and pass it over the piece with your hands making movements from top to bottom. As dirt builds up on the gloves, discard the residue and repeat the process until there are no more hairs on the fabric.

It’s not magic! The effect of the glove on the fabric is called static: the friction between the glove’s rubber and the wool generates an energy that is capable of ungluing the hairs of the garment. This method can even be used on quilts and sofas.

How to remove hair from clothes with razor blade

The razor blade is effective in removing hair and balls from clothes, but it is necessary to be careful and patient when handling it so that it does not cut or damage the clothes.

Set aside a new blade only for use on clothing. Then pass it lightly on the areas with more lint, watching the hairs come out little by little. During the process, remove the hairs that come loose, preventing them from sticking together again.

How to remove hair from clothes with nail file

The nail file is mainly effective in removing hairs and smaller lint, removing any particles attached to the tissue. Who would have thought, right?

But it is necessary to be careful and delicate when sanding the fabric fibers. Otherwise, you can unravel your piece.

How to remove hair from clothes with fabric softener

If you notice that the clothes just taken from the machine have become full of hair and balls, try taking everything back to the machine and do a new rinse with fabric softener. This trick works in many cases.

How to remove hair from clothes with velcro

Velcro is a material capable of sticking furry items and can be a good ally to remove hairs, lines and lint that are stuck to your clothes.

As with sandpaper, razor and sponge, use the rough part of the Velcro to gently press the fabric. Then, just pull carefully and gradually remove the hair.

Care to avoid hair on clothes when washing

Clean the washing machine frequently so as not to accumulate hair.

Do you remember to wash the machine often? Few people remember, but it should. After all, dirt, hair and lint that come off the clothes need to go somewhere after washing and can cause residue to accumulate in the filter. Therefore, this piece must always be removed from the machine and properly sanitized so that you don’t run the risk of having dirt impregnating the clean clothes.

In the instruction manual of your washing machine, the manufacturer indicates the frequency and the correct procedure for cleaning the filter. It is important to always follow these recommendations in order to preserve the appliance and also the integrity of your clothing.

If you no longer have your machine manual, please contact the manufacturer or look up information at site.

When washing clothes, separate the pieces by colors and fabric types

Care when washing parts can prevent you from wasting time with tasks how to remove hair from clothes which is already clean. Therefore, it is always important to separate the pieces by color before putting them in the machine for washing.

A tip is to sort them into three groups — white, colored and dark — and wash them one at a time to prevent the lint from getting mixed up.

You can also think of this division according to the fabric type of the pieces. Those that loosen a lot of hair, such as woolen clothes, can be washed separately. This also helps to avoid unwanted marbles.

Choose high quality laundry products

besides knowing how to remove hair from clothes, it is important to know how to choose products that are efficient in cleaning and have assets that help to better preserve the fabric and colors. After all, poor quality soap can also cause fabric fibers to come loose and stick to other pieces.

Like our tricks of how to remove hair from clothes?

If you have already tried any of these methods or know other tips for how to remove hair from clothes without damaging it, share in the comments with us. We will love to know!

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