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Knitting is an extremely versatile and very traditional craft technique. With knitting stitches, it is possible to produce scarves; caps; collars; baby shoes; wool socks; blankets; blouses and even warm coats in more elaborate designs! Do you want to learn how to knit? In this article, you will check out unmissable tips and simple tutorials so you can start knitting without fear of making mistakes!

The knitting technique can seem very difficult and complicated and, for this reason, many people who want to start knitting give up even before the first attempt. But the truth is that this very popular craft, especially during the winter months, has a very simple step by step!

Just like any manual work, the more you practice knitting, the better the quality of the piece you produce. But, for you to one day make beautiful scarves or knit sweaters, you must first start!

Follow the reading and check out the tips we have prepared especially for you who want to learn how to knit!

How to knit: initial tips

How to knit

The classic knitting technique uses two needles and a thread that is usually made of acrylic or artificial wool. The best part of knitting is that you can test different thicknesses of needles and threads and thus create unique pieces full of personality.

With the knowledge of basic step by step, patience and practice, knitting can easily become your favorite craft activity!

To start knitting, you will need to have some essential materials on hand. Are they:

  • Scissors;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Calculator;
  • Needle;
  • Thread.

Check out the tutorial below to learn more about the materials you will need to start knitting!

1. How to choose the yarn?

Choosing the yarn for your knitting is very important to ensure that the material and appearance of the craftsmanship is pleasant. Nowadays, there are a multitude of types, textures, thicknesses and materials to personalize and bring to life what you are going to knit.

There is no rule for choosing the yarn, you should think about the characteristics you want for the piece you are going to make. If you want something warm and fluffy, opt for acrylic or wool threads. But if you prefer a lighter and more delicate piece, choose woolen threads. At this time, it is worth visiting specialized stores or haberdashery and checking all the options!

For beginners, the ideal is to start with the Mollet type yarn.

2. How to choose the needles?

The most traditional needles for knitting are straight needles, but it is possible to knit with circular and auxiliary needles. Like different shapes, knitting needles can be made of different materials, such as plastic; metal; bamboo; wood and acrylic. In addition to all this, the needles can have different thicknesses and vary according to the type of yarn used in crafts.

If you still don’t know how to knit and were scared by so many options, take it easy! Here, we will indicate the most appropriate needle for those who want to start.

  • Format: For you who are a beginner, we recommend straight knitting needles. They are the most common and used in most knitting recipes for beginners.
  • Thickness: The most suitable needle for beginners is number 5, or number 6. However, each thread has an orientation from the manufacturer as to the thickness of the needle appropriate for productions with the material. So, when buying yarn, check out the guidance!
  • Material: For beginners, we recommend the needles that are “firmer” and that do not slide the point so much, so the most suitable materials are wood or bamboo. However, the most accessible and common needles are those made of plastic and if you want to start with this type, it is also worth it!

Follow the reading to see a simple step by step how to knit for beginners!

How to knit: ways to knit and a step by step for beginners

If you have already risked doing research on how to start knitting, you must have realized that there is a wide variety of recipes for different pieces and with different techniques. In this post, we separate simple and suitable tutorials for those who have never knitted in life!

It is advisable that you start knitting for the simplest pieces to be made: scarves. As you acquire more practice and experience, it evolves into blankets; caps; socks; little shoes; blouses and whatever else you feel like producing!

How to put stitches on the knitting needle?

To start your knitting, you must first place the stitches on the needle and then start knitting. The technique of placing points is simple, but this step is essential for you to produce a quality piece.

A golden tip is to observe the movements of the line well in the tutorial videos and try to follow the movements with your hands. Each person who knits, especially the most experienced, has a way of working with the thread and holding the needles. So it is important that you watch different techniques and choose your favorite.

Next, we have separated two very useful tutorials to start the points of any type of piece. The two are similar, but the beginning of each one differs a little. Test each of the techniques and choose the one you like best to use in your pieces!

If you want to go further and learn how to calculate how many stitches to pass on the needle for each piece size, be sure to watch the video below!

How to make the basic knitting stitch?

Now that you’ve learned to put the stitches on the needle, it’s time to learn how to knit using the basic stitch most used by most people: the knit stitch. There is a huge variety of points and techniques that you can learn and adhere to in your pieces, however, for those just starting out, it is important to start with a more basic point.

Remember that practice is essential in any type of craft!

Check out the tutorial below that teaches the stocking stitch and the knitting stitch, the two components of the knit stitch.

How to finish?

The final step of any piece of knitting is to remove the stitches from the needle and finish off. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to finish the stitches and finish the piece you produced!

How to mend yarn in knitting?

It is very common that, in the middle of a knitting project, the skein of yarn ends. So, you need to know techniques on how to mend wires in the right way so as not to compromise the quality of your piece.

The following tutorial teaches four different methods on how to mend yarn in pieces made of knitting, check it out!

How to knit: complete tutorial and scarf recipe

If you want to watch a complete tutorial on how to make the most simple and common piece of knitting, in the video below you will see a perfect step by step for those who are starting to venture into crafts.

In this video, you will learn to read and interpret a scarf recipe, so you can make your own piece from start to finish! Check out:

In this article, we seek to teach basic and essential tips on how to knit. Did you like the content? Write your suggestions and questions in the comments!

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