TV Room Wallpaper Ideas: Get inspired!

Are you tired of the color of your wall, but don't want to paint it again? Then invest in decorating with wallpaper!

Wallpaper is increasingly used in decoration. With several different styles, textures and colors, you can create the perfect environment for your living room. This coating is more and more accessible and popular, as it is easy to apply. In many cases you don't need to hire a professional to apply it.

Another big advantage is that the wallpaper is sold in rolls, so you can buy exactly the amount you need. It is perfect for rapid changes in the environment.

It is possible to decorate various types of environments with wallpaper, as there are many different materials, fabrics and categories. The important thing is to know which model is ideal for your room. The wallpaper can also imitate textures and materials such as wood, bricks and stone, being great to replace more expensive, laborious and sophisticated finishes.

So, interested? So now for the living room wallpaper tips and ideas!

How to Decorate the TV Room with Wallpaper

Just like any room in the house, the main tip for choosing the best wallpaper for your room is to prioritize the harmony of the room. Evaluate the colors of your furniture, floors and walls, as well as the style of the decoration. Avoid excessive information and choose colors and textures that harmonize with the environment.

In the case of the TV room, the prominent wall is usually where the device is. In this case, for the wallpaper not to fight with the TV itself or its panel, it is important to use more neutral and discreet wallpapers.

Another option is to choose several wallpapers to compose the environment, combining plain colors with textures and prints.

Below is an example of a TV room with textured wallpaper:

Wallpaper canjiquinha stone coating beige tablets
Photo: Beige stone wallpaper coating beige tablets | Paper and Decor

Also assess whether the wallpaper will be applied to the entire room or just to a wall. Rooms that have a highlighted wall, with different colors and textures, are increasingly on the rise.

Abuse of creativity!

TV Room Wallpaper Ideas

Check out some wallpaper ideas for the TV room. All models of the photos are available in the Papel e Decor store:

3D Wallpaper

3D wallpapers will leave your TV room looking modern and irreverent. There are models that imitate textures of other materials, such as bricks and wood, while others have their own textures. A good idea is to combine the texture of these wallpapers with spots of light, creating a super modern environment.

This type of wallpaper is great for highlighting a room wall:

3d wallpaper for living room
Photo: Gray 3D triangles geometry collection wallpaper | Decor Paper

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric designs are also an excellent decorating idea. Combine the colors of the elements and create modern and irreverent environments:

Yellow, white and gray geometry collection wallpaper
Photo: Yellow, white and gray geometry collection wallpaper | Decor Paper

Retro Wallpaper

Do you like vintage, retro and romantic decor? Bet on the wallpapers! There are beautiful options that bring colors, styles and retro elements. Combine your wallpaper with furniture and decorative items in this style and you will have a TV room full of personality.

Choose the colors well so they don't fight with the furniture and don't take your attention off the TV.

See how beautiful this retro wallpaper template with colorful leaves, from Papel Decor:

Photo: Retro colored leaves wallpaper | Decor Paper
Photo: Retro colored leaves wallpaper | Decor Paper

Plain Wallpaper

Don't like prints? Are you looking for a more classic and clean decoration? So invest in plain wallpapers. With solid colors, they are a great option to change the face of your living room without spending on paints.

Paris Pink Color Collection Wallpaper
Photo: Mais Rosa Rosa Collection Wallpaper Paris | Paper and Decor

Striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper is a classic in interior design. You can choose between contrasting and prominent color stripes, or lighter overtones. It all depends on the environment and personal taste. In any case, they are a print that never goes out of style and is suitable for any environment:

Beige and white striped wallpaper
Photo: Beige and white striped wallpaper | Decor Paper

Gorgeous, isn't it?

See that decorating your TV room with wallpaper is not difficult. The big advantage is that wallpapers are easy to apply and easier to remove if you want to renovate the room later.

See how it is step by step to apply the wallpaper:

(embed) (/ embed)

So, what did you think of the ideas? I hope that you enjoyed!

If you are looking for wallpaper options for a TV room or living room, I strongly recommend the Papel e Decor website. It is an online store with several options of colors, textures and types of wallpapers. It has something for everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the content! If you have any ideas and suggestions for wallpaper, share it here in the comments!

Hugs and see you soon!

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