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Did social isolation cause you to spend more time in the kitchen discovering your culinary talent? Because it wasn’t just you that this happened! Many people have found themselves true chefs kitchen in recent times! What makes us think: electric or gas oven. Which one is the best? How about checking with us which is the best choice?

Yes, because whether cooking, baking or frying, we are always looking for the best utensils and appliances to make our recipes amazing! So continue in our article and come check which appliance to choose!

First: why bake?

One of the best ways to ensure juiciness and not lose food nutrients is to roast them. When we bake, the food is less fat, more tender and more flavorful. Not to mention the smell that the roasts spread throughout the house, right? To bake food, we need an oven, but here comes the question: electric or gas oven. Which one is the best? Let’s check together which is the best choice!

Electric oven: advantages and disadvantages

Electric oven: advantages and disadvantages

Star of the apartments, the electric oven has arrived to win the hearts of the cooks. With a beautiful aesthetic and modern design, the electric oven is very functional and practical.

However, all devices have strengths and weaknesses. So let’s get to know some of the electric oven.

Advantages of Electric Oven

Some highlights of the electric oven are:

  • Temperature control: in this type of oven, there is a button dedicated to controlling the temperature of your oven, which usually ranges from 75ºC to 260ºC, in order to control the heat inside the oven.
  • Fan: on some models, there is a fan that helps distribute heat. This way the roast is more uniform.
  • Programming: these models have adjustments that allow automatic shutdown after the oven time, providing more safety to the user.
  • Heat after shutdown: after completion of the brewing time, the heat is retained longer. This feature can be used to retain the temperature of food before serving.
  • Gas consumption: as it uses electricity, this type of oven does not use gas, whether in a cylinder or in a pipe. This means more savings on gas that is only used in the stove. With the price of gas soaring, it’s worth considering this point when deciding on electric or gas oven.
  • Installation: as it does not need a gas hose, this oven is installed more conveniently. For this, all you need is a socket available at the voltage of your device.
  • Cleaning: the electric oven is also more practical for cleaning, as there is no residue generated by incomplete combustion. This saves a lot of time.
  • Additional functions: these oven types have function grill, for grilling and browning function, for browning cheese dishes, for example.

Disadvantages of Electric Oven

Disadvantages of Electric Oven

We can list some weaknesses of this oven model, which can be decisive when deciding on electric or gas oven. Are they:

  • Product value: with so many advantages and being more modern, the electric oven is usually more expensive than the gas oven.
  • Energy consumption: today there are models on the market that save around 30% on electricity. Even so, the bill will increase with the time the oven is used.
  • Temperature: the fact that the oven takes longer to lose the retained heat brings with it another aspect: it also takes longer to heat up. This takes energy just to heat it up.
  • Power outage: This disadvantage is obvious, isn’t it? As with any electrical appliance, in case of a power outage you will not be able to use your oven. Have you ever wondered if this happens right in the middle of a preparation?

Did you enjoy knowing the electric oven? So check out this video for some tips to choose yours:

Electric or gas oven: advantages and disadvantages of the gas option

Even with the arrival of the electric oven, the gas oven has not lost its position as the darling of traditional kitchens. So come check out some strengths and weaknesses of this very classic appliance.

Advantages of the gas oven:

Check out some benefits of purchasing a gas oven.

  • Energy consumption: this type of oven uses electrical energy only to turn on the internal light and, if it has, for automatic lighting. Therefore, there is no comparison in this regard with the electric one: the gas oven uses practically no electricity. For the same reason, this oven keeps working even after a power outage.
  • Product value: as it is older and therefore has more models on sale, the gas oven is cheaper compared to the electric version.
  • Capacity: generally this type of oven has a greater capacity than the electric version. This makes it possible to prepare larger dishes, such as whole pieces of meat or inserting large platters into the oven. Some models reach more than 100 liters of capacity!
  • Preparation time: what is an advantage in a model, on the other hand, becomes a disadvantage. In the gas oven, the only aspect to determine the maximum preparation time is the amount of gas available. Precisely because it doesn’t have an automatic switch-off, the gas oven doesn’t switch itself off, so you can bake a dish for long hours if necessary.
  • Food flavor: It sounds like a lie, but the smoke generated by the oven adds flavor to the food being prepared. This has an advantage that the electric oven does not have. This is something important to consider when deciding on the electric or gas oven.
  • Versions: the electric oven only has the built-in version. The gas oven, on the other hand, can come coupled to the stove, which adjusts to the user’s needs. This fact can also bring down the price of the product, which can be purchased from another appliance.

Disadvantages of the gas oven:

This model also has some disadvantages compared to its more modern brother. Among them we can highlight:

  • Temperature control: in the gas oven, temperature control is imprecise and varies a lot. This depends on the amount of gas entering and the oven seal, so the temperature changes with usage.
  • Safety: the gas oven requires constant maintenance to reduce the risk of gas leakage, being very dangerous and even lethal. Changing the hose, checking the safety valve and even changing the cylinder are included in this account.
  • Value to keep: Another clear disadvantage is the cost of gas. In some cities the gas canister is at a very high price. In condominiums with piped gas, the problem also exists, as gas is usually shared by all apartments. In other words: it saves on electricity, but spends it on gas.
  • Flame regularity: the gas oven cooks food more irregularly, depending on the height of the grill: the ones on top cook more slowly; the ones below faster. In preparations such as cakes, this is especially complicated, as the dough can bake on the bottom and become raw on top, due to the non-uniformity of the flame.
  • Cleaning: remember incomplete combustion? Yes, it makes your gas oven more difficult to clean and remove all the residual fat.
  • Size: Since gas ovens are larger, they may not be ideal for a small kitchen, even if you need to bake food more times a week.

So, what did you think of a gas oven? As interesting as the electric one, isn’t it? How about knowing some of the most suitable models of gas oven by checking this video?

Electric or gas oven. Which one is the best?

I bet you never imagined that there could be so many features of these types of ovens, right? Like so many appliances, ovens also evolve into more practical versions. However, in the case of ovens, even with the technology available in the electric version, there are still benefits that only the gas oven has.

So the question remains: electric or gas oven. Which one is the best? It became clear that, as both have advantages and disadvantages, the best type of oven is the one that best meets the needs of your family and your home.

So how about sharing with us if electric or gas oven. Which one is the best? Tell us if you decided to buy after our tips and what are your suggestions for anyone thinking of purchasing an oven!

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