Why You Must Have One and Habits to Follow

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If your house seems to have been hit by a gale of such a mess, keep calm, take a deep breath and read this post until the end.

In the next lines, you will check out smart tips to help you keep the house organized, clean and smelling. Come and see!

Why you must have an organized home

Why you must have an organized home

1. She looks prettier

It is a fact: an organized house is all you need to reveal what it has most beautiful. Or will you say that you can appreciate a decoration in the middle of the mess? Difficult right.

2. You get space

Believe it or not, but the mess consumes a lot of space.

Objects thrown on the floor, keys, letters and other objects scattered on the table, sideboard and kitchen counter, only serve to occupy space and leave your home with the feeling of being smaller than it really is.

Try to get rid of all the surfaces of the mess and soon you will see your house grow, literally.

3. Functionality

An organized home is much more functional. That’s because you can access everything you need in a practical, quick and easy way, without having to bump into things or having to get rid of objects to open a closet door, for example.

4. Avoid unnecessary purchases

How many things have you bought unnecessarily? If your house is disorganized it is difficult to see what you have and with that reason purchases are more frequent.

So keeping your home organized can be a great way to save a buck.

5. Reduces stress

Messy and disorganized environments are a problem for the brain. That’s because the expenditure of mental energy to find things is much greater.

It is also worth remembering that clutter generates stress, since it is difficult for the brain to maintain concentration and reasoning ability in disorganized places.

Habits to keep the house organized: general tips

Habits to keep the house organized: general tips

1. Planning and schedule

Before starting to put order in the house it is important to draw up a plan and a schedule. You can do this using applications on your cell phone, or using paper and a pen.

The tip is to write down everything that needs to be done in your home to keep it always clean and organized.

Start with daily tasks, like making the bed, taking out the trash and washing the dishes, then move on to the weekly tasks, like washing clothes, dusting furniture and washing bathrooms, until you get to the monthly tasks, which are usually more complex and time-consuming, how to clean all the glass and organize the pantry.

If you want to go a little further, add to this planning the activities that must be carried out annually, such as cleaning the wardrobe or cabinets.

From this diagnosis of all tasks, it is much easier to organize your routine to keep the house always clean.

Ideally, daily activities should not exceed 15 or 20 minutes. Weekly and monthly tasks tend to take a little more time.

At this time of planning it is also interesting that you define the frequency of cleaning. Some people prefer a heavy cleaning every 15 days, others once a month. But that changes a lot according to your reality and the ability of your home to retain dirt and mess.

For example, a person who lives alone will most certainly have a need for cleaning other than a family with two children.

Therefore, the tip is to adapt the schedule to your reality.

2. Involve the whole family

Once the planning has been defined, it is time to distribute functions. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks, even to children. It is very important that they learn from an early age to have responsibility and a sense of teamwork.

Separate the activities according to the possibilities of each one.

3. Get rid of excesses

It is practically impossible to keep a house organized with an accumulation of objects.

That is why it is of utmost importance that you unscrew everything that no longer serves, including clothes, shoes, accessories, documents, papers, kitchen utensils and everything else that you have saved and simply do not use.

The feeling of lightness is immediate.

4. Picked it up, kept it

Adopt the motto at home: take it, keep it, dirty it, wash it. This makes all the difference in the organization and helps in the process of delivering responsibility to all residents.

If everyone does their part in the routine of organizing the house, everything is easier.

Keep cabinets with drawers to facilitate the storage of objects and create spaces to store everything.

Incoming letters, for example, can be placed in organizing boxes or on some wall support right at the entrance to the house. The keys must go to a locksmith.

Handbags and jackets must also have a certain destination. As for shoes, it is always interesting to keep them in a box or piece of furniture outside the house. In addition to keeping everything in order, you also avoid bringing dirt from the street into the house.

5. Get a snapshot before bed

Just before going to sleep, take a quick walk through the rooms to organize the objects and return them to the place.

This tip is especially interesting for those who don’t have time to do it in the morning.

Fold the blankets in the room, arrange the pillows, put the dirty dishes in the sink, collect toys and other scattered objects and take the dirty clothes to the machine.

When you wake up, the sensation will be much more pleasant.

How to keep the house organized room by room



The daily routine of organizing the room must involve, in the first place, making the bed.

Then, collect the dirty clothes that may be on the floor or thrown on some furniture. Clean clothes must be kept in the closet.

Have a clothes rack in the room to hang clothes that can still be used, especially blouses and jackets. The accessory is also perfect for hanging bags and backpacks.



The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that needs more attention in relation to cleanliness and organization, after all, this is the environment of the house in which food is prepared and hygiene is essential to avoid contamination.

Therefore, the daily routine should focus on cleaning the sink, that is, wash the dishes. Always, after each meal. Do not let dishes accumulate in the sink, in addition to the proliferation of bacteria, dirt is a full plate for flies and cockroaches.

With the dishes washed, focus on wiping the stove with a washcloth. The heaviest cleaning of this appliance can be done once a week.

Finished that part? Now take care of the floor. Sweep and wipe with disinfectant.

Remembering: take the time to clean the kitchen to remove the table from breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is also important to collect the dirty dishes that may be in other rooms, such as the living room and bedrooms.


Like the kitchen, the bathroom also needs extra attention.

Set aside five minutes of your daily organizing schedule to take care of the bathroom.

Start by taking the laundry to the laundry area. Then remove the sandpaper. Then, with a sponge and a little detergent, clean the countertop and the interior of the sink.

The toilet must not be overlooked. Clean it by pouring a little bleach. Wait a few minutes (including, you can do this at the beginning to save time) and wash it with a little detergent and a brush. The lid and seat can be cleaned with alcohol.

If you have a little time, wipe with disinfectant.

The cleaning of the box can be done once a week, ok?

Living room

Living room

The living room is one of the easiest environments in the house to keep organized. Start by eliminating the mess, keeping everything in place. Collect keys, books, notebooks, clothes, bags, shoes and everything else that comes your way and put it in the right place.

Fold the blankets and store. Cover the blanket on the sofa (if you have one) and adjust the cushions.

If you have plants in your environment, take the time to water them.

In a short time you will get used to the new routine and your house will become more organized every day.

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