13 Tips For Having A Perfect Space

You know that old story that says that in a blacksmith's house the skewer is made of wood? Because this saying can be very well applied to laundries and service areas.

While this space was designed to assist in the organization and cleaning of the home, it also ends up concentrating the whole mess of the house. A great paradox!

But luckily, there are different ways to keep laundry organized. And that's exactly what we brought you in today's post.

Settle in there and follow with us 13 tips on how to organize the laundry.

Tips for organizing laundry

1. Understand the importance of the organization

Understand the importance of the organization

First of all, it is essential that you understand that an organized laundry means a more practical and functional home. That's because you can have everything you need in the blink of an eye.

Second reason: an organized laundry is more beautiful and pleasant on a daily basis, giving you plenty of reasons to dedicate yourself to this space that was previously dominated by chaos.

2. Clean up

Once you understand the importance of organization, the next step you should take is cleaning.

But we're not just talking about cleaning the floor. We are talking about shredding, giving a general overview of everything you have kept there, especially if your laundry looks like a warehouse.

Take a day just to do that clean in the laundry. Examine everything you've kept there, from cleaning products to the most unusual items.

Throw away what cannot be reused, donate what you are not using, but which is in good condition and keep what is still useful for you.

This is already a big step towards organizing the laundry.

3. Plan the environment

Now that you know everything you really need to store and organize in the laundry room, start planning the environment. This tip is even more important in the case of small laundries or those integrated with other environments in the house, such as the kitchen, the balcony or the bathroom.

The smaller the space, the more planned the environment must be.

If necessary, sketch the laundry on paper and put everything you own there. Organize the place for the machines, cleaning products, clothes and everything else that is needed.

4. Use walls and doors to your advantage

Use walls and doors to your advantage

In this planning, remember to include the vertical space of the walls and doors. These corners are perfect for installing niches, shelves, supports and other props that facilitate the daily routine.

5. Shelves and niches

Do not dispense with the use of niches and shelves in the laundry organization. These items are essential to guarantee the functionality of the environment.

In addition to being cheap and easy to install, the shelves and niches can still be customized by yourself and complement the laundry decor.

6. Brackets and hooks

Brackets and hooks are another great option for those who want to organize the laundry with practicality and low cost.

On these supports hang a little of everything: from squeegees, brooms and shovels, to cleaning products and other everyday accessories.

7. Baskets and organizers

Baskets and organizers

Every organized laundry has baskets, boxes and organizers available. You can make your own baskets using fabric or cardboard boxes or choose to buy ready made.

In these baskets you can organize cleaning products by types, such as laundry products, kitchen products and bathroom products.

Another option is to organize the products according to the frequency of use. Put the ones you use the most in one box and leave the ones you use only occasionally in the other box.

Always remember to keep cleaning products out of the reach of children and pets.

8. Dirty clothes in the right place

Nothing worse for the laundry organization than dirty clothes scattered everywhere. In addition to not being anything beautiful, this mess of clothes only serves to hinder your work, not to mention that leaving them like that, loose, can end up causing you to lose loved ones.

Therefore, immediately provide an exclusive basket to put dirty clothes. If you have space you can even bet on more than one basket, so you save time when putting the laundry. Leave a basket for white clothes, another for colored clothes, and so on.

9. Clean organized clothes

Organized clean clothes

And after the clothes are clean and smelling, don't even think about picking them up and leaving them anywhere.

The tip here is also to have a basket only for the clean clothes that are waiting for the time to go to the closet.

You can also provide a rack to hang the pieces that are kneaded or that have already been ironed.

10. What about the ironing board?

And the ironing board?

If you also use the laundry to iron clothes then the ideal is to have an ironing board in that location. But where?

Prefer to store the board in a way that does not take up space. It can be hung on the wall or embedded in a cabinet, for example.

11. Corner for the pet

Anyone who has a pet at home always ends up choosing laundry as the animal's corner. It is there that the pussy usually sleeps and needs.

If this is your case, then it is important that you mark the space for your pet, so that it does not interfere with the movement of the environment.

12. Find the right clothesline

Find the right clothesline

Even if you have a clothes dryer you will always end up needing a clothesline. Do not dismiss this element.

But the tip is to know how to choose the right clothesline according to your laundry. For small spaces, prefer retractable clothesline models or those suspended from the ceiling.

Now if you use the clothesline a little, a good option is to bet on those folding floor models that can be stored whenever you need to.

13. Decorate

Finally, after everything is organized, your laundry deserves a special decoration. That way you guarantee a more pleasant and beautiful space.

A good way to decorate the laundry is betting on the use of pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. For example, baskets and organizing boxes. These elements can help compose the decor and also help you in organizing the environment.

Also try to exchange the original packaging of the products for others chosen by you. In this case, give preference to packaging with similar models and colors to form an interesting composition.

It is also worth betting on the use of plant pots and even decorative comics to make the environment more charming.

Did you write down all the tips? So start organizing your laundry today.

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