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Every year it is like this: it is only the month of June that the guitar player and accordion player take care of the forró, as the king of baião, Luiz Gonzaga once said. There is no way right? You have to call everyone to that swing!

After all, festa junina without a good drag does not work. That's why in today's post we have an exclusive selection of June party songs to liven up your arraiá.

Festa junina songs are true classics of Brazilian popular music and are generally classified into genres such as sertanejo and forró, including xote, baião and caipira music.

Some of these songs are so old that they could be considered Brazilian cultural heritage, others, however, are very current and sung by artists that draw crowds.

But the important thing is that nobody stays at the party. So let's shake off the dust? And long live St. John!

Festa Junina Songs – Classics

The June party songs are very varied and embrace different singers from all over Brazil, but some of them are indispensable in a good arraiá. So check out the songs from festa junina that can't be missing from your playlist:

1. Asa Branca – Luiz Gonzaga

There is no way to talk about June party music without mentioning the great name of the baião, Luiz Gonzaga. And one of his most sung and recanted songs in Brazil is Asa Branca. Composed 70 years ago, in 1947, Asa Branca is a true northeastern anthem. [/ embed]

2. This is too good – Dominguinhos

Another pernambucano that cannot be left out of his june party playlist is the singer and composer Dominguinhos. In 1986 he composed a great classic of popular music “This is too good here” already re-recorded by several other Brazilian artists. [/ embed]

3. Piriri – Luiz Gonzaga

The song Piriri, another hit by Luiz Gonzaga, comes to sing São João and liven up the party to the sound of a lot of accordion and viola. One more song to guarantee the success of your arraiá. [/ embed]

4. It's time for the fire – Lamartine Babo

In 1933, under the voice of Carmen Miranda, the composer Lamartine Babo released one of the most traditional songs of the June festivals. [/ embed]

5. Forró do Xenhenhém – Elba Ramalho

The great muse of forró, Elba Ramalho, appears on this list with one of his most requested songs in June parties: the “Forró do Xenhenhém”. [/ embed]

6. The accordion player just played that – Tonico and Tinoco

The duo Tonico and Tinoco are old acquaintances of the backwoods and countrymen, but here they appear with a song that is the face of the Northeastern June festivities. Put it on your playlist. [/ embed]

7. Pula Fogueira – Francisco Alves

And who has never hummed “jump yo yo bonfire, yay yo bonfire”? These classic verses are present in every June party, from north to south of Brazil. Getúlio Marinho's composition was immortalized in the voice of Francisco Alves in 1933. [/ embed]

8. Fall, fall balloon – Assis Valente

Another classic that has already fallen into the public domain is the song “Cai, cai balloon”. Composed in 1933, the song also had Francisco Alves as its original interpreter. This was the first song considered to be typically June. [/ embed]

9. Interior Party – Gal Costa

Gal Costa, one of the greatest Brazilian female voices, is also present at the June parties. The song “Festa no Interior” is a beautiful tribute to Brazilian culture. [/ embed]

10. Forró do Rei – Trio Virgulino

The song “Forró do Rei” was composed by Luiz Gonzaga and recorded and re-recorded by different artists, among them the Trio Virgulino. [/ embed]

11. Napping is forbidden – The 3 in the Northeast

When it comes to June party music, the Northeast gives a separate show. The song “It is forbidden to nap” does not leave anyone standing still and, as the lyrics say, the dust will rise. [/ embed]

12. Paper Dream – Carmem Miranda

Another song that everyone knows how to sing is “Sonho de Papel”. The simple verses bring the richness and beauty of the festivities of São João. [/ embed]

13. Xoté das Meninas – Luiz Gonzaga

Luiz Gonzaga comes back to the list. This time to bring a success that can not be left out of your playlist or will say that you never sang "she just wants to, just thinks about dating?". [/ embed]

14. Mangaio Fair – Clara Nunes

Clara Nunes also left her mark on the June party music. The “Feira de Mangaio” sings northeastern life with great rhythm. [/ embed]

15. Party in the Roça – Mário Zan

How to talk about festa junina without remembering Mário Zan? The Italian living in Brazil composed one of the biggest June hits, responsible for packing any and all gangs in Brazil. [/ embed]

16. Melon Capelinha – Mastruz com Leite

Braguinha and Alberto Ribeiro are the composers of “Capelinha de Melão”, June music sung by so many people that it is even difficult to know who recorded it first. It will not leave out of your playlist right? [/ embed]

17. Look at the sky – Luiz Gonzaga

“Look at the sky” is one of those songs that is impossible to hear without singing along. Once again Luiz Gonzaga honoring the title of king of baião. [/ embed]

18. Forró No Escuro – Luiz Gonzaga

And since we open the list with him, we will close with him too. A playlist of classic June party songs could not leave out “Forró no Escuro”. A forró to cheer everyone up. [/ embed]

June party songs – quadrilha

When it comes time to dance the gang, the playlist should be even more traditional. Viola, guitar, accordion and zabumba are mandatory instruments. So, don't leave out this selection here:

19. Pot Pourri Luiz Gonzaga

The baião king can't help but animate his June party. Call the girls and boys to dance and do the swing: [/ embed]

20. Quadrilha Junina – Traditional Version

In order not to miss the June tradition, nothing better than that good gang music to pack the steps of the dance. Don't leave this hit out of your playlist: [/ embed]

Songs of festa junina – forró e baião

Nothing goes better with festa junina than the lively and dancing sound of forró. And of course he couldn't be left out of this post, just take a look:

21. Vem Morena – Luiz Gonzaga

22. Karolina with K – Luiz Gonzaga

23. Danado de Bom – Luiz Gonzaga

24. I just want a xodó – Dominguinhos

25. In a plastering room – Trio Forrozão

26. Petrolina Juazeiro – Trio Forrozão

27. Severina Xique Xique – Genival Lacerda

28. Riacho do Navio – Luiz Gonzaga

29. Xote dos Milagres – Falamansa

30. Laughing aimlessly – Falamansa

31. Xote da Alegria – Falamansa

32. Wings – Falamansa

33. Oh! Rain – Falamansa

34. Nosso Xoté – Bicho de Pé

35. Waiting at the Window – Gilberto Gil

36. Frevo Mulher – Trio Virgulino

37. Warns – Falamansa

38. At that São João – Flávio José

39. Antônio, Pedro and João – Alcymar Monteiro

40. Arrest Tadeu – Maria Alcina

41. Girl's Lap – Rastapé

42. Oh, how I miss you – Elba Ramalho

43. Forró no Malagueta – Forroçacana

44. Bate Coração – Elba Ramalho

45. Cintura Fina – Dominguinhos

46. ​​Stolen Kiss – Rastapé

47. Meu Cenário – Circuladô de Fuló

48. Flame Rain – Forro de Itaunas

49. Owner of Minha Cabeça – Zé Geraldo

50. Magalabares – Circuladô de Fuló

51. Dom do Amor – Ó do Forró

52. Forró Pesado – Trio Nordestino

53. Please You – Trio Potiguá

Festa junina songs – sertanejo

The sertanejo, be it the most root or the university student, is also a hit at the June festivals and deserves a prominent place in their playlist.

54. I do not open hands – Maiara and Maraisa

55. So sorry – Thaeme and Thiago

56. Press Play – Simone e Simaria

57. Passionate Pawn – Rionegro e Solimões

58. Much worse than me – Marilia Mendonça

59. Beer, salt and lemon – Matheus e Kauan

60. Just yesterday I cried with longing – João Mineiro e Marciano

61. Me, you, the sea and her – Luan Santana

62. Evidence – Chitãozinho and Xororó

63. Think of Me – Leandro and Leonardo

64. I slept in the square – Bruno and Marrone

65. Balada Sertaneja – Michel Teló

66. On the sole of the boot – Rio Negro and Solimões

67. Cumade and Cumpade – Leandro and Leonardo

68. Stick to the muleca's waist – Rick and Renner

69. It's a lie – Teodoro e Sampaio

70. What animal is it? – Gino and Geno

71. In love with you – Gino e Geno

72. What a fishing thing – Bruno and Marrone

73. Panela Velha – Sérgio Reis

74. Mocinhas da Cidade – Nhô Berlamino and Nhá Gabriela

75. Marvada Pinga – Inezita Barrosa

76. If the house falls – Teodoro e Sampaio

Irreverent and lively, the June party songs translate all of our Brazilianness and popular culture. And now that you have this selection in hand, just run to Youtube or Spotify and create your own playlist.

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