Step by Step, Tips and Care

There is no point in having a beautiful leather bag if you don't know how to clean it properly. Leather bags have particularities with regard to cleaning and maintenance and if you don't pay attention to it you may end up losing that piece you love so much.

For this reason, we brought in today's post the necessary tips and care for you to learn how to clean leather pockets. Come and see:

First of all it is important that you know that leather bags should not be washed, much less in a washing machine.

The cleaning process must be subtle and delicate, divided into three stages: cleaning, hydration and conservation. Follow:


Start cleaning the leather bag by emptying it completely. That's right! Cleaning involves both the inside and outside of the part.

Then clean the inside of the bag. To do this, remove the lining and, with the help of a polka dot or adhesive tape, remove the dust, crumbs and other dirt that are inside the bag. You can count on the help of a vacuum cleaner too, but in this case it is important to hold the lining firmly so as not to damage it.

If you notice the presence of stains on the lining, prepare a mixture of hot water with vinegar and pass over the fabric with the help of a brush.

But if the problem is with odors and bad smells, the solution is baking soda. Put some baking soda inside the bag and leave it there all night. The other day, remove the bicarbonate, along with it will also leave the unpleasant smell.

After your leather bag is clean inside, you should start the cleaning process on the outside. To do this, turn it to the right and analyze the type of dirt you will need to face.

To remove just fingerprints and a little dust, a cloth lightly moistened with coconut soap is enough. Pass this cloth gently over the entire length of the bag. One tip is to keep the movements in the direction of the leather lines, that way you maintain the beauty and quality of the leather. There's no need to soak the bag, okay? After cleaning, take a dry, soft cloth to finish cleaning.

In the case of more persistent grease stains or dirt, you can choose to reinforce the cleaning using alcohol directly on the brand. Wait a few minutes and remove.


After cleaning it is necessary to moisturize the leather. The best option is to use fire hydrants for leather pieces. But if you don't have the product in hand, that's fine! You can choose to moisturize the leather bag using furniture polish or almond oil.

In both cases, the tip is to lightly moisten a soft cloth with water and then apply two or three drops of oil or furniture polish. Gently rub the chosen product over the entire length of the bag. Let it dry naturally.


Once cleaned and hydrated, the leather bag needs to be properly maintained. To do this, find a place to store it when you're not using it.

Do not use hangers or hooks. Over time, the leather bag may become deformed. So don't hang it up.

Prefer to keep your bag inside niches or shelves and also remember to put paper balls inside the bag so that it does not lose its shape.

Another important care is to polish the leather bag periodically to avoid stains. Do this using leather moisturizer, almond oil or furniture polish.

If you do not use the leather bag often, keep it in a pillowcase or bag of TNT, but do not use plastic bags.

What if it's a suede bag?

But what if the bag is suede? For those who do not know suede is a type of leather, but it requires different care in the cleaning process.

The inside of the bag can be cleaned according to the guidelines mentioned above. The outer side of the bag needs to be cleaned according to the type of stain, because the suede tends to absorb dirt more easily.

To remove dust and simple dirt, just use a cloth slightly moistened with vinegar. If the bag has stains, such as grease or paint, the ideal is to use a brush to clean suede or, if you prefer, a toothbrush, but in this case, choose a new one.

At first, pass the brush over the stain making only movements in the same direction. If the stain persists, start making back and forth movements. In this process, it is natural that the chamois will peel a little, don't be alarmed.

Another way to clean the suede bag is using white rubber, from school children. Pass the rubber over the stain in an attempt to literally erase it.

You can also choose to do the cleaning using steam. To do this, place the suede bag over a pan of hot water, so that the fabric incorporates the steam. Another alternative is to leave the bag inside the bathroom while taking a shower. The steam released in the shower also helps to loosen the chamois stain.

But if the stain remains firm and strong in your bag, use vinegar. Moisten the brush with the product and rub it gently on the piece.

Leather bag care

The leather bag is demanding and, therefore, some care is essential to keep it clean, beautiful and well maintained. See what they are:

  • When in doubt, always use neutral detergent to clean the leather bag. Under no circumstances use remover, bleach and multipurpose. They can damage the leather, causing flaking and cracking of the surface.
  • To remove pen stains, for example, it is possible to use alcohol or acetone, but before applying the product, test on a small area of ​​the bag that is hidden.
  • Light colored leather bags, such as white and beige, accept cleaning with baking soda or coconut soap very well, since both products help to highlight the light tone, making a kind of leather whitening.
  • Do not use wet wipes to clean the leather bag. Body creams and moisturizers and hair conditioners should also be avoided, especially those with lanolin in the composition. The substance can definitely stain the leather.
  • If your bag has metal accessories (most do), clean it avoiding getting these parts wet. This prevents oxidation and possible rust stains on the leather. If the metal gets wet, dry it well when cleaning is finished.
  • Do not use hair dryers to dry the leather bag. Heat can damage the leather. The same goes for the sun. Do not let the bag dry under the sun's rays, they can crack and peel the leather.
  • If you notice that the dirt is difficult to remove, the most advisable is to take the bag to a company that specializes in leather cleaning. It is better not to risk it, is it not?
  • Avoid using light-colored leather bags with dark clothing. The fabric can release part of the dye in the bag, staining it.
  • The sooner you notice the stain on the leather bag and do the cleaning, the greater the chances of recovering the piece, okay? So don't wait for later.
  • Do not leave uncapped pens in the bag. Better yet, have a pencil case or bag to store pens. This prevents them from staining your bag from the inside out.
  • The same goes for makeup. Leave your products in nécessaires and avoid their contact with the bag.
  • Try to clean and sanitize your leather bag regularly, removing dust and other superficial dirt. So you always keep it clean and well looked after.
  • Finally, always follow the cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer. He, better than anyone, knows the best way to clean.

Now that you know how to clean the leather bag and just go out there and give that affectionate treat to your partner every day.

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