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At the time of cleaning, there is no abracadabra, no pirlimpimpim powder, not even a magic wand. There is only one thing that works: hands on! Well, if you do not roll up your sleeves, unfortunately your house will not be clean.

But even if cleaning the house is not something magical, it is possible to facilitate and streamline the whole process. To do this, just use some simple tricks and tips.

That’s why we made this post. We have put together a series of ideas to make cleaning the house much easier and faster. Come and see!

Essential tips to make house cleaning easier

1. Divide tasks and set up a schedule

Divide tasks and set up a schedule

The first step in easy house cleaning is to divide the tasks. This means taking a pen and paper and starting to write down all the household activities that need to be done in your home.

After you’ve written down everything you need to do, move on to the next step.

The next tip is to group the tasks that need to be performed every day, such as making the bed, washing the dishes and sweeping the floor.

Then group the tasks that must be performed weekly, such as washing the bathroom, dusting the furniture, changing the bedding and so on. In that case, choose the day that has the most free time to perform the activities.

Finally, do a group of tasks to be carried out monthly, such as cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the glass and whatever else you think is necessary.

This schedule makes everything easier and allows you to keep your home clean, organized and smelling.

But, be careful: try to comply with this schedule as much as possible, this is the only way to not accumulate tasks and facilitate the cleaning of the house.

2. Cleaning kits

Cleaning kit

Now that you know what to clean and when, provide cleaning kits for each room or area in your home.

Believe me, it makes a huge difference when it comes to making house cleaning easier.

Assemble a kit of products just for cleaning the kitchen, another for the bathroom and another for dry areas of the house, such as bedrooms, living room and corridors.

3. Everything in its place

Organized house

Keeping the house organized is more than half the time when cleaning. That’s because the cleaning becomes much faster when you don’t have to keep objects, clothes and other things in the cabinets.

4. Watch out for pets

Beware of pets

Anyone who has pets at home needs some extra care when cleaning.

Pussies tend to shed a lot of hair and this makes the routine of organizing and cleaning the house very difficult, especially carpets and upholstery.

So the tip here is to keep your pet always clean and brushed.

5. Store clothes and shoes

Store clothes and shoes

Dirty clothes must go to the laundry basket and clean clothes must be in the closet, the same goes for shoes.

Create this rule in your home and start to notice the difference.

6. Seize the moment

enjoy the moment

This is a golden rule! The tip here is to take advantage of the moments when you are busy in a room to advance a part of the cleaning.

For example, take advantage of the time when you are going to take a shower to wash the shower, in the same way that you can enjoy the moment while the food is on the fire to treat the kitchen.

This is a great way to optimize your time and ensure that several tasks are completed.

7. Let the light in

Let the light in

For a real clean house, it is essential to ensure that doors and windows are open for at least an hour every day.

The entry of air promotes the circulation and ventilation of the environments, preventing the proliferation of mold and areas with humidity.

Along with the air, let the sunlight in too.

Products that make cleaning easier

Cleaning products

See the main products that facilitate cleaning

Alcohol and neutral detergent

The market can always be innovating, bringing new solutions for cleaning the house.

But, believe me, what really makes a difference are two simple products: alcohol and detergent. While one cleans, the other disinfects.

When in doubt or in the absence of other products, you can trust this pair.

In addition to practicality, these two products still save space in your pantry and facilitate the time for cleaning, since you will not feel lost among so many products.

Microfiber cloth

The microfiber cloth is the best option for cleaning the house. That’s because it doesn’t lint and clean without marking surfaces, especially glass ones. So, consider exchanging your cotton cloths for microfiber cloth.

Sponge with dispenser

You didn `t see it coming! The dispenser sponge is very, very, very practical.

It works like this: the sponge has a handle that also serves as a dispenser. Just fill this reservoir with the desired product (detergent, glass cleaner, multipurpose, etc.). As cleaning is requested, just press the button for the dispenser to release more product into the sponge.

One hand on the wheel to clean the house quickly, especially high places. So you don’t have to go up and down to replenish the sponge with product.

Magic broom

Have you ever heard of the magic broom? This product also promises to facilitate the cleaning of the house.

The idea here is to sweep effortlessly. With the magic broom all the dust is collected and stored in a compartment, similar to a vacuum cleaner.

The magic broom can be used on any type of floor, from porcelain tiles to wooden floors.


MOP is another house cleaning tool that is worth having. The water compartment allows you to wet, refill and wring the cloth without having to bend over and put your hands in the water.

After wringing, just wipe the cloth and you’re done. Another stage of the cleaning completed without stress.

Vacuum Cleaner

Domestic life has never been the same since they invented the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is the best friend you can have when cleaning. He collects everything: hair, hair, crumbs and any other dirt that comes along the way.

Nowadays there is a huge variety of vacuum cleaners, ranging from the biggest and heaviest ones to the vertical ones, where there is no need to crouch.

Another great novelty is the robot vacuum cleaner. This is perfect for helping to maintain day-to-day cleanliness without having to do anything at all.

The little robot cleans up everything while you shower, prepare dinner or just go to work, since it can be activated remotely.

Tips to keep the house clean

Clean house

Cleaning is good, but keeping it clean is even better. So here are some tips to keep your home as close as possible to how it was on the day of the last cleaning:

Take off your shoes indoors

Make it a habit to take off your shoes as soon as you enter the house. First because you avoid carrying dirt from the street into your home, second because the cleaning lasts longer.

To make this happen in the best possible way, keep a shoe rack outside or an organizer box where the shoes can be placed and removed.

Collect trash daily

Removing trash from the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms in the house is a super important daily effort to keep the house clean for longer.

In rooms where there is no trash, pass with a bag and collect everything that is lying on the floor or on the furniture.

Wash the dishes every day

Nothing worse for a home than dirty dishes over the sink, in addition to the messy appearance, dirty dishes can end up attracting insects and even small rodents into your home.

Not to mention that the longer the dishes get dirty, the harder it is to wash them later.

Make the bed

Making a bed every day in the morning is one of the most important tasks of the day and don’t be about organizing your home.

The simple habit of making a bed creates a positive effect on your brain and makes you more motivated for the other tasks of the day, increasing your productivity.

Cloth always at hand

Just in case, always keep a cleaning cloth close to you. This helps when you need to do a quick cleaning, especially if you drop something.

Have a cloth on the office table, another in the kitchen, another in the bathroom, in the bedroom and so on.

Organize the mess at the end of the day

At the end of the day, go through all the rooms in the house and put things back in place. This tip is especially valid for those who have children at home.

Save and organize everything so that, the next day, you wake up and see the house organized.

Ready to put all these tips into practice?

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