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Did you subscribe to Amazon Prime and didn't like it? Just cancel! But if you are experiencing difficulties or are unsure of the path you need to take, don't worry.

Today's post is a guide express to teach you how to cancel Amazon Prime in two steps.

Come see how easy it is.

Step by step to cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime cancellation is performed directly through the company's website. After logging in, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the login area. On the new page that opens, enter your email address or cell phone number and then the registered password.
  2. After logging into the account, go to the top right corner and click on your name.
  3. A drop-down list will appear. In it, choose the option “Your Prime Subscription”
  4. If you are in the free trial period, click on the “end trial” option, located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  5. However, if you have a paid subscription to Amazon Prime just click on the option “cancel subscription and benefits”.
  6. Confirm the request.

Ready! Your subscription is canceled.

Did you have any questions about the cancellation process? Keep following the post:

Questions about canceling Amazon Prime

Will I be charged if I cancel my subscription during the trial period?

No. The subscription canceled within the trial period is not charged and you can continue to enjoy the benefits until the end of the trial period.

Can I be refunded for the amount paid?

Yes. Amazon reimburses its customers. However, for the refund to take place the subscription must happen within seven days of the last payment.

The company can also discount benefits that were used during the period, such as free shipping, for example.

How long will the service remain active after the cancellation?

Subscribers who cancel Amazon Prime can still continue to enjoy the benefits until the plan renewal date or the trial period end date, but only if the cancellation is made within a week after the last charge, including the first payment after the test.

To find out the renewal date for your plan, whether monthly or yearly, just access your account settings under the option “subscriptions and subscriptions”.

How to cancel Amazon Prime by cell phone?

The Amazon Prime subscription can also be canceled directly from your mobile device.

To do this, open the Amazon Prime Video app and click on the gear button to access the “account management” option.

In the Prime option, click on “Edit on Amazon”.

If you are in the testing period, click on the “end test” option. But if you already have a paid subscription, select the option “cancel subscription and benefits”.

Confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

The subscription will remain in effect until the end of the trial period or until the plan renewal date.

Are all Amazon Prime benefits canceled with the subscription?

Yes, the monthly fee of R $ 9.90 guarantees access to different services offered by Amazon, such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and Free Shipping.

When choosing to cancel the subscription, all benefits are automatically canceled.

Ready! Now you know how to cancel Amazon Prime. Simple and fast isn't it ?.

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