See Tips for Getting Through the Quarantine

Dad and Mom: Don't freak out! Staying with the children at home without even being able to go out for a walk in the square is much more challenging than you can imagine.

But it is possible to establish a pleasant routine for everyone without stress and without having to pull your hair out.

Especially because at that moment, many parents are doing home office and managing work and living with children under the same roof is more than fundamental.

That's why we invite you to follow the tips below and find out how to make everything more harmonious in your home, come and see:

Children at home: tips for quarantining

Talk to the kids

One of the most important things you can do right now is to explain to your child (so that he can understand) what, after all, is happening.

Do not underestimate the ability of the little ones to understand. They are attentive to everything and have already noticed the different climate that hangs in the air and has the right to know why.

It is also important to note that this is not a vacation time. That is, activities and routine must be maintained.

Take care of the emotional of the little ones

Just as it is important to contextualize children within reality, it is also essential to know how to deal with the emotions of the little ones.

Believe me, for them this is also a distressing period. Think about it: children were suddenly prevented from going to school, visiting grandparents, uncles and friends. They are also prohibited from going to the park, the square and the other places they always went. It is not easy for them too!

Establish a routine

After leaving everything explained it is time to call the children and, together with them, establish a routine.

For minors, who still can't read, create a schedule using images to illustrate the routine. The older ones can create a written routine.

Fix this routine in a place where everyone in the house can view it and include your own activities in it, so everyone's schedules are organized, especially for those who are currently doing home office.

Important: set times to wake up, have breakfast, have lunch, dinner, shower and sleep.

Parents need to stick to working hours and respect times to interact with children, okay? Remember this.

Create tasks

This is a good time to introduce children to the routine of household chores. Set up activities according to the age of the children.

The little ones can learn to store toys, help set the table and take care of the pet, giving food and water, for example.

The older ones can wash dishes, vacuum the house and collect garbage.

Play time

Playtime is sacred. Play stimulates the psychological, motor and emotional development of children and should be encouraged within the home.

Have a time to develop games with the children, but leave them free to create their own games.

Take advantage of this moment to have fun and relive good childhood times. The more you play with your child, the more he develops autonomy to be able to play alone.

But remember to tell the child that you also need to work and that they need to respect schedules and routine.

Right after that we selected different ideas of activities and games to help you at that time of day.

Studying is important

Within the routine, create a schedule for children to study. At a time when schools are behind closed doors, it is important for parents to continue the learning process.

But then you can say that you are not even a teacher. Yes it's true. But many schools are sending video lessons to students and you can still count on the help of the internet and several applications to develop a study routine with your child.

Always remembering that it is necessary to respect the age of each child and the level of learning he is in.

Also take the opportunity to study something with your child. How about learning a new language? Or who knows how to play an instrument? Imagine how cool it is to do this in the company of your little one?

Limit access to screens

In quarantine times, access to screens, whether TV, cell phone, tablet or computer, became even greater and for the vast majority of parents it is practically inevitable to keep their children away from technology.

And there is no problem with that, but it is important to know how to limit the time you use the screens and keep an eye on what you are watching. Set up security filters that block access to certain content and set times for children to play online or watch videos.

One tip is to install educational apps where children can, at the same time, play and learn.

Make calls

To help ward off homesickness, make video calls or calls to your child's grandparents, uncles and friends.

This helps to make the child more comfortable and less anxious.

It is not safe to play

Redouble your attention to safety at home. Because children are more idle and you spend a lot of time working, the risk of an accident can be greater.

Therefore, protect outlets to prevent electrical shock and keep chargers disconnected from the outlet.

Do not leave basins, buckets, tanks and washing machines full of water. Children, especially younger ones, can drown.

The same goes for houses with a pool. Install safety nets to prevent children from accessing without adult supervision.

Keep knives and sharp objects out of the reach of children, as well as medicines and cleaning products.

Crockery and glassware should also be avoided. And always keep the door or gate closed and keep the key.

Enjoy the moment

And since going through all this is inevitable, the golden tip is: seize the moment! Grab that opportunity to bond with your children and create memorable moments.

Children at home: suggested activities and games

Check out now a list of really cool activities you can do with the kids:


Camping play is a classic game that cannot be missed in the quarantine. If you don't have a tent at home, improvise one with sheets and blankets.

Make popcorn, grab some lanterns and tell stories. Play in the shadows and sing songs. If you can make a camp outside the house, even better!

Floor is lava

The game of Chão is lava is very fun. Spread some cushions on the floor, creating a circuit and ask the children to jump from one to the other without touching the floor, which in this game is like a river of lava.

Imagination and creativity guaranteed in a super simple way!

Toy Workshop

How about now creating a toy workshop using recyclable material? Worth cardboard boxes, egg packaging, pet bottles and whatever else you have at home.

If inspiration is lacking, do a search on the internet. You will find incredible and very cool ideas.

Video and photo

Technology is part of children's lives, so why not take the opportunity to create videos with them or take fun pictures? Use apps for that and have fun!

Maybe a new YouTube channel is born?

Dance and sing

Put on a song that the whole family likes, drag and sofa and dance together. Sing out loud and have lots of laughs. A great activity to release energy and de-stress.


Mimic play is very fun and requires no effort, moreover it works for children of different ages.

Before starting, the person writes on paper which mime is going. Whoever guesses, wins.


Let's cook with the kids? They love it! Choose an easy recipe that they can participate in and get to grips with.


Macrame, painting, decoupage, embroidery, in short, there are countless craft options that you can develop with the children at home. In addition to them, you can also enjoy learning something new.


Do you have plants at home? Then take the children to move the earth. Plant with them and teach them to care for the pots, watering, fertilizing and explaining about the development of the plants.

Here's a good biology class!


Awaken the artist who lives in your child by encouraging him to paint and draw. It can be with paint, it can be on the blackboard, it can be with colored pencils and crayons. Whatever!

Cut and paste

For the little ones, playing with cut and paste is just fun. They develop motor coordination and even discover new shapes, colors and images.

Hide and seek

Who can resist playing hide and seek? Even if you live in a small house, you can always improvise a hideout and save the world!

Blind snake

Take a handkerchief, make a blindfold and play blind snake. That simple!

Board games

Lady, Detective, Left One, Monopoly, Face to Face, Game of Life, are many game options. You sure have one there!

Renew your room decor

What do you think of taking advantage of this moment to give a new look to the children's room decor? Call on them to help with the new project. And you don't even have to spend money to do that. You can create beautiful, simple and inexpensive decorations from what you already have home.

Hit the target

Make a sock ball, hang a basket on the door and the newest one is ready to hit the target. For some, the game is also called basketball. Whatever the name, fun is guaranteed.

A tip: if the child is small, place the basket on the floor or on some low furniture.

Hopscotch and other classic games

Play hopscotch with your kids! Scratch the floor with chalkboard chalk or mark using tape.

You can also play steal the flag, catch it, hard or soft, hot potato, dead or alive, among other classic games that are always welcome.

Reading and storytelling

Reading is always very good, especially in the company of children. You can do the reading for them or, if the kids are already big and can read by themselves, invite them to sit beside you, each with a book in hand.

Cinema session

And when you hit that lazy, make a popcorn and watch a really cool movie with your kids.

In these quarantine times, many streaming companies have given free access to various films and series, such as Netflix, for example.

So, don't miss the opportunity for a movie.

Scientific experiments

How about a little science now? On Youtube there are several channels that teach physics, chemistry and biology from fun scientific experiments.

Just watch and do it at home with them.

Certainly, after all this is over these activities will continue in your routine, after all what is good always remains!

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