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True or false: can you scratch the lenses of your glasses? If you think so, we are sorry to inform you, but you are deluding yourself.

After a scratched lens is hopeless, unfortunately.

What happens is that false information circulates on the internet, leading many people (including you) to believe that some homemade tricks will be enough to make the risks disappear magically and miraculously.

But, make no mistake!

Toothpaste, baking soda, alcohol or any other chemical will not remove the scratches from your glasses. The most you will achieve is to mask the problem.

This is because these products will create a kind of film on the lens giving the false impression that the scratch has been removed, but not.

This false sense of recovery of the lens is even greater in the case of minor and less apparent risks. In the case of greater and deeper risks, this type of product can end up causing problems in your vision, since the lens will reflect and absorb light differently.

Another problem with the use of these products is that they can often end up removing all or part of the special treatments given to the lens, such as UV protection and anti-reflective protection.

But is it really risk?

Before condemning your lens and diagnosing it as scratched or scratched, clean your glasses thoroughly. That's because often what you may be thinking is a risk is actually just a dirt mark.

In this case, a good cleaning with water and neutral detergent is enough to leave your glasses as new.

What to do then? Prevention is the best medicine

Since it is not possible to recover a scratched lens, you need to learn how to take care of your glasses properly, preventing them from scratching again in the future. Write it all down:

  • Never, under any circumstances, leave your glasses with the lenses facing downwards. This is the most effective way to scratch the lens.
  • Always try to keep your glasses (with the lenses facing upwards) inside the box or case. In addition to ensuring the durability of the lenses, you also ensure the life of the glasses frame.
  • Also avoid putting your glasses on your head or hanging from your clothes. This seemingly harmless attitude can damage the frame and cause scratches on the lens.
  • The better the lens quality of the glasses, the more naturally protected against scratches it will be. Remember this when buying your glasses, taking into account that the cheapest is not always the best deal.
  • Another good tip is to invest in lenses with special anti-scratch protection. Yes, they exist and are especially suitable for that type of person who usually forgets his glasses anywhere or just doesn't have the habit of storing it in his case. Do you know anyone like that? In this case, just ask for this special treatment for optics when buying new lenses.

How to clean your glasses properly

In addition to preventing the appearance of scratches and scrapes it is also important that you know how to clean your glasses properly.

Did you know that most of the scratches on the lenses are caused by improper cleaning?

And one of the main mistakes in this regard is wanting to clean the glasses using the tip of the shirt. Understand one thing: the fabric of your clothes is not made to clean glasses.

You may not know it, but the fabrics have fibers that come into contact with the lenses and can cause scratches. The same goes for toilet paper, paper towels and tissue paper. They all also have fibers that can scratch the lenses.

And what to use then?

Use a microfiber cloth, the one that usually accompanies the glasses inside the case. This is the ideal cloth to clean the lenses without the risk of scratching them.

Always keep one of these close to you: at the desk, in the bag, in the car and indoors.

During the day, if you need to do a quick cleaning on the glasses, spray a little lens cleaning spray (sold in optics). This spray contains the ideal concentration of products to clean the glasses without damaging the lenses or the frame.

Just sprinkle a little of the spray on the cloth and then rub it on the lens until it is completely clean.

For a more thorough and effective cleaning, wash your glasses under running tap water.

First let the water fall on the lens, without rubbing or making any kind of movement. This is important to remove dust and small particles on the lenses that can scratch them.

Then, drop a drop of detergent on each lens and rub with your fingertips in a circular motion.

Rinse thoroughly and allow, if possible, to dry naturally.

If you are in a hurry, use the microfiber cloth to dry, but never put your glasses to dry in the sun. The sun's rays can damage the lens and the frame.

It is also important to avoid using hot water to wash your glasses. Prefer room temperature water.

Also avoid using alcohol (of any kind to clean your glasses). The product may permanently stain the lenses.

With the right care and a good cleaning your glasses will always look new.

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